Wednesday, January 27, 2010

In Love with Kyle

Dear Diary,

Before you ask any further, I'll answer yes, I'm in love now!! Since you're the closest person to me, I think I'll probably share the secret with you.. Hmm.. the story happened to be like this. I accidentally met him during my visit to Hanging Rock last Sunday. We bumped into each other in an artificial cave inside the Discovery Center. He was staring at me with a bizarre look when I first laid my eyes on him and I was totally puzzled when his gorgeous blue eyes struck mine. He looked tremendously handsome (or cute to be exact) in his green shirt and khaki pants. and not forgetting his red hat..hehe..

I urged myself to wave at him with a hope in my heart that he will responds. Apparently yes, he did!! He started to crawl towards me.. well, everybody including me needs to crawl inside the cave.. and I waited calmly at the end of the cave until he reached the place where I was anxiously standing waiting for him.

Suddenly, I heard someone's voice from my back saying, "Are you doin' alright in there Kyle?" and I'm pretty sure it must be a woman's voice. I turned to look at him once again when I heard him replied, "Yeah, I'm alrite mamma". in his thick Aussie accent. Owh, lucky me, it was his mama calling him. At least I knew that his name is Kyle. I put a smile on my face and started saying hello to him. We chatted a little while before my friend came, asking me to get ready to be in the bus. Then I knew that it's time for me to wave him good bye. Even-though it was only within a short period, it doesn't stop me from falling in love with him.. Till we meet again Kyle..

So, that was how the story ended.. BUT, please don't get me wrong diary boy.. You may look at the pictures below for further details and you should bear in mind that my true love would be none other than Mr-you-know-who. Yes, Faizal Amri..clever boy!!=))

The cave where I met Kyle. Yes, that's him. A LITTLE BOY.. :p

I was so excited when he started crawling towards me

Kyle malu-malu.ehehe..putih gila kot anak mat salleh nie.haishh..

Look at how adorable his smile is.
(sila abaikan mamat kat sebelah tu sbb dia yg kacau daun panggil I balik cepat.huhu..)

p/s: That is how I met Kyle, a sweet and lovely little Mr Bf, don't be mad sweetie, saya tak curang tau!!hehe..=))

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Visit to Mount Macedon and Hanging Rock

Dear Diary,

I was resting a little while before I decided to scribble something in here.. I had a tiring-but-exciting day trip to Mount Macedon and Hanging Rock today. Mt Macedon is a small town located 64 kilometers northwest of Melbourne. Due to its relatively high elevation, the area experiences much cooler temperatures compared to nearby Melbourne. It was freezing cold up there even-though the sun shines very brightly today. Among the major attractions that can be found here are Memorial Cross which stands near the summit of the mountain, extensive native forests, Camels Hump and private gardens.

Somewhere around the Memorial Cross

We made it!! On top of one of the camels hump

I'm so in love with the inspiring view from the hill top

After spending some time taking pictures and enjoying the cooling breeze with a cup of coffee in hand, we continue our journey to Hanging Rock. We reached there exactly at 12 noon and started our journey straight away upon arrival. We were given 3 hours to treasure the place and without any doubt, all of us agree that the exploration turned out to be a memorable experience that we will never forget. Have fun looking at the pictures below..=))

View from the peak of Hanging Rock

Taking a break after a long walk

At the beginning of the journey

Although it was a tiring trip, I had fun exploring things and places that I probably couldn't get in Malaysia. These are the experiences that need to be appreciated when I finally complete my study here in the Land Down Under..

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Melbourne City

Hye dear..

This time I just want to share about activities that had been done during last weekend.. I had chance to treasure Melbourne City, the place where you'll probably find plenty of opportunities to indulge.. I heard that no matter what time of the year, Melburnians love to get out and about especially during summer, when everyone become more active!

At the heart of Melbourne City

I keep asking people what's their opinion about Melbourne? Nearly all agree that Melbourne is the shopping capital of Australia. One of the major reasons is the variety on offer. Whether you head for the huge departmental stores or the little tiny boutiques, you may find all those along the wide city streets and you're sure to find something to suit your needs. It is said that around 30% of Melbourne's retail space is devoted to fashion.

Best view of the city skyline along its waterfront

Some of the shops along the wide city streets

The trams of Melbourne are another subject that matters here. TO MANY, they are an essential part of living in Melbourne. TO SOME, they are a traffic nightmare and TO OTHERS, they are a part of what makes a visit to Melbourne so memorable. Riding on a tram is not only a great way to get around and visit the city but also a chance to travel as Melburnians have for over 100 years.

Melbourne tram

A memorable visit in Melbourne

These are some of the things that I can share with you at the moment. There are lot more to be told and I'll try to do it from time to time okay.. All that I can say is, you'll love Melbourne as much as I me!!=)

p/s: There are more pictures in FB. Check it out yourself okay!=)

Friday, January 15, 2010

La Trobe Day 5

Hye there!!

How is it going for you sweetie? I'm all great here.. I didn't even notice that I've been here for a week.. This means that I have only 3 weeks left before I can go back to my hometown..yahuuu!! Well, I have pretty interesting things to share with you today.. As usual, my day started with a big breakfast at 8.30am and BBQ lunch at 1.00pm.. All I can say is, whether I like it or not, I have to train my stomach to accept all those delicious, good looking western foods..uwaaa!!balik Malaysia mmg nak balas dendam makan nasik habis-habisan!!

Back to my activities that have been done today.. We had fun playing bubbles!! Yes, you're rite, bubbles!! The one that little boys and girls would cry for asking their parents to buy it for them when they're having fun at the park..ala, yang main tiup2 tu.. hehe..Don't give that weird look please.. You're wondering where in the world this bubbles thingy are related to mathematics, aren't you? I will explain a lil bit here but don't blame me if you're lost okay..:p

Soap bubble is a very thin film of soapy water that forms a sphere with an iridescent surface. Soap bubbles can help solving complex mathematical problems of space, as they will always find the smallest surface area between points or edges. Minimal surfaces exhibit some intriguing behaviour that, to some extent, we are familiar with from playing with soap films and soap bubbles. There are quite a number of mathematical theories involved, mainly are Geometry of Surfaces, Calculus of Variations, Elliptic Partial Differential Equations of 2nd Order and of course, Minimal Surface. I think, that's enough for the mathematical explanation!! Btw, I'm glad to mention that the lecturer is originally from Greece, Maria Athanassenas. I love to hear the way she speaks in class..Rasa macam tengok drama Latin pulak..=) Now let's have a look on what had been done just now..

2 circular wired-frame interact


Blowing bubbles!!=))

This is the heli-coil that Maria mentioned in the previous video

Monday, January 11, 2010

La Trobe Day 1

Hye sweetie!!

I had a very full+busy+exhausted day today!! I went down to the dining hall at 7.30am and ate breakfast just like a King with a piece of hash brown, one half-cooked egg, red beans, a slice of raisin toast, a bowl of mixed-cereals, a cup of yogurt, milk and coffee. After that, we headed down to the lecture hall for the welcoming gathering and right at 11am, we got something to eat AGAIN. This time I had a cup of hot chocolate, a piece of apple pie and a slice of chocolate cake.. Gosh, I'm not surprise if I put on a few kilos by now.. :p

The lectures were pretty exciting.. It's just that I feel like I couldn't go on with the measure Theory (MT) course.. I'm getting a permanent head damage if I continue taking that course once again..huhu.. One thing is, the lecturer for MT was really funny!! I swear!! I never met any lecturer as funny as him in my whole life.. Have a look at the picture below.. I don't think anybody would dare to put that kind of face inside a public official website.. But he did it!! Now u trust me why am i saying that he is really funny rite??hehe..

Marty Ross..he's kind of cool, isn't he?

There was a special talk by Burkard Polster about Juggling just now. He is a Maths lecturer from Monash University. I believe he did a very interesting research on Juggling many2 years ago and I was totally impressed by his talk and his live performance in juggling 2,3,4,5 up to 9 balls just now. By the way, u might not known what juggling is rite sweetie?? Okay, juggling is a skill involving moving objects in which the juggler throws objects up to catch and toss up again.. I was very surprised when I realized that all the juggling things are generated from the idea of Maths theories.. Don't worry, I'm not going to explain it here.. I know u hate maths, don't u??ehehe..

We were given 3 different colours of balls and we spent about 45mins juggling the balls at the garden. Up until now, I still couldn't get the idea of tossing and catching the balls yet. All that I did was throwing, dropping, and picking up the balls over and over again..sighs.. Take a look at these pictures on the process of learning how to juggle just now. Unfortunately, there are no pictures of me!! Only Mick..But we did the same thing..Check these out!!=))

My three juggling balls.. gotta work hard on this!!u go girl!

Burkard (left) is giving Mick (right) a lesson.. a practise using left hand

Change position.. practise using right hand

p/s: We have to work in pairs to make things easier but both me and Mick still couldn't get all those juggling ideas.. We have to work harder so that by the end of this course we at least know how to juggle 3 balls.. Mick, let's work on it!!!=))

Sunday, January 10, 2010

La Trobe Day 0

Dear diary,

I'm now writing while looking outside the window of my new cosy room in Menzies College, La Trobe University (LTU), Melbourne.. Like I told you before, I'm attending a summer course in LTU for a month.. I've been here only for a couple of hours and seems like I started to fall in love with the new welcoming atmosphere down here.. I have a feeling that I'll be enjoying every single bit of all the programs that have been planned for this summer course and try to use my time to appreciate the new ambiance to the wisest..

What I love the most is that I made friend with new people from all around Australia; Hoan from Uni of Sydney, Josh from Uni of New South Wales, Mick from Uni of Curtin, Sean from Uni of Adelaide, Prof Markus from Australian National Uni and a few more.. I'm all excited to start my class tomorrow. I hope that everything will be smooth and meaningful for me..=))

The night before the journey to Melbourne..things are not properly packed up only until 2am

Leaving Wollongong at 8am.. Thanks Laili and Ilyas..=))

While waiting for my 1035am flight at Sydney Kingsford Airport

Evening walk around Menzies College while waiting for dinner

p/s: I'll probably fall in love with the new surrounding in Melbourne..But deep inside, I think Wollongong is still the best after all..=))

Friday, January 8, 2010

End of Year 2009 Activities

Hye Bestie!!

First of all, please forgive me for this delayed entry.. I was supposed to post this about one week ago.. But, I waited only until the 8th day of the 1st month in 2010 to let you know on the things that had happened around me towards the end of year 2009.. I’ll write this down in sequence of dates and activities so that it’s easy for you to follow the stories..

Boxing Day 2009 (26th – 27th Dec 2009)

Boxing Day is primarily known as a shopping holiday. It is a time where shops have sales often with dramatic price decreases. So, you can imagine now what happen to me and the rest of other people in this whole world when it comes to Boxing Day rite?? I’m not going to list down here on the things that I’ve bought on that day. The only thing that I can tell is that I spent roughly about AUD450 which is equivalent to RM1400 in these two days.. tu pun kira terer sbb I x beli benda yang bukan2..semua ikut my checklist and ada la a few other things yang sesat here and there..:p

Tired faces after one whole shopping day (26th Dec 2009)

Early morning at Birkenhead Point Shopping Outlet (27th Dec 2009)

EVERYBODY will at least come out with SOMETHING in hands..=))

Laili’s Birthday (31st Dec 2009)

It was her 26th birthday and we (Fendy, Ilyas, Rauf and myself) planned a small-yet-meaningful birthday party for her.. I know exactly what’s the feeling of celebrating your birthday without your family around you.. I hope this small celebration will give a good significant in her a life..=))

The susah-nak -padam candle..sorry kaklong..ehehe..:p

New Year Eve 2010 (1st Jan 2010)

We (Laili, Rauf , Ilyas and myself) intended to celebrate New Year 2010 in Sydney, but because of the declaration of bankruptcy due to Boxing Day, we decided to hold the celebration just in Wollongong.. We missed the family fireworks at 9.30pm and with a thought in mind that there will be no adult fireworks here in this isolated kampung like Wollongong, we decided to join a few Malaysian families to Kak Ani’s house to watch the fireworks live from Sydney Opera House. While enjoying the fantastic show live from Sydney, all of us were surprised by the sound of fireworks from the north beach.. Again, we missed the fireworks which this time is meant for adults.. Thankfully, we could still peek a look from the balcony of Kak Ani’s house..jadila daripada xde..huhu..

Before-Ignoring the camera

After- Semua camera freak rupanya..=))

Sebelum serangan hendap ke rumah Kak Ani

Quarter of the crowds

Sempat lagi main menda alah tu..

That was how my 2009 ended with full of exciting events.. I appreciated all the things that had happened around me with a hope that this year (2010) will be so much better and bring me much more happiness in mylife.. InsyaAllah..=))

Monday, January 4, 2010

Ainul Huda

Dear diary,

After soooo long, finally I have the guts to start scribbling something in here.. Pardon me for my long break sweetie.. I'll try to keep things updated as complete as I can okay.. I'm still in my longgg holiday mood now.. It's Monday, but here I am, still at home..

By the way, I would like to wish my youngest sister, Ainul Huda good luck for her first schooling day today.. She's 7yo this year and starts her young education at a Chinese School (I forgot the name) near my house.. Young Malaysians aged 7 start their first step of formal education in primary school, where they'll be spending 6 years learning the basics of each core subjects, namely language subjects like Bahasa Melayu and English, Mathematics and Science.

I hope she's doing alrite there.. Can't wait to listen to her stories about her first day at school this evening.. Owh, when it comes to telling stories, Huda is the expert!! If you spend one day with her, you got to listen to her unstoppable ramblings from the early morning until soon after midnite.. Hmmm, she made me miss her a lot when I hardly have the chance to talk to her since I last came to Australia.. Well, here are some photos of me and her..

p/s: Dear Huda, You're a big girl now sweetheart.. Everybody loves you and hopes that you'll grow up in a well educated surroundings.. InsyaAllah..