Monday, May 31, 2010

Welcoming Winter

Good afternoon!!

Today is the last day of autumn and tomorrow will be the start of winter. As autumn ends, and winter comes, the day is getting shorter and shorter. And most of our daily activities are now restricted in regard to the cold weather. Bila dah sejuk2 camni, ramai orang akan pilih utk hibernate dekat rumah je la jawabnya.

Weather change also means a change in fashion here. You can't simply wear sweat shirts and pants as you'll end up freezing in coldness. At least you need a warm winter coat to cover your body. Pakai la cantik cmane pun, last-last kena pakai jacket jugak kat luar.hehe.. So people, forget about being so fashionable during winter. Nobody cares!!:p

Speaking of welcoming winter, here is my wishlist of things that I'll "probably" need. Probably here means memang tak mungkin dapat la since they will cost me a fortune. hahaha. Tapi berangan ape salahnya. kan? kan? :p

Wishlist items
(photo courtesy

Owh dear, I'm dying to get that exquisite light gray shearling jacket. Sangat cantek lah!! It looks perfect to be paired with that white turtle-neck. Ok,ok, I already got one. But I'd LOVE to get another one if somebody sweet could offer me a new piece of this clean looking turtle-neck. Anybody? No? Sighs.. Saya sungguh kecewa.hukhuk.. Ok, now look at the vintage worn style with heavy destruction skinny jeans. Nak! Nak! Bestnye kalau dapat yang ni. I xde skinny kaler tu lagi.. I eyed for one, unfortunately the price is wayyyyy too far from my budget. So, cancel!! hehe.. And I'm so inlove with that flirty ankle booties as well!! Senang cite, saya nak semua lah!! Boleh?? hehehe..

p/s: Ok, dah boleh berhenti berangan sekarang ye Amirah. Bangun..bangun.. Back to reality. Tadi mengantuk sangat. So, bukak google nak cari benda lain. tiba-tiba "ter"google benda2 alah ni. Camni la pompuan.. hehe.. :p :p

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Another beautiful day

Hello dear!!

Can you see me smiling now? No? Ape la kamu nie.. tak alert langsung. Merajuk nanti baru taw.. :p Well, it's another happy smile that perhaps I can't explain why. Ok, ok, I know my heart has always been at cloud nine lately. But you always know that a smile is just a simple curve that sets everything straight, don't you? So, that's the reason why I always fill in my days with that very simple sincere curve on my lips..=))

As usual, I talked to Mr Bf again today. He's in Melaka now, visiting his parents at home. Alhamdulillah, keep being a wonderful son for them kay sweetheart. Well, we chatted only for a couple of minutes. Kejap je kan? Ok la dari tak sempat cakap langsung. I just got back from my office and he wanted to take a short nap before going out playing badminton this evening. But, what's so interesting with this? Ha!!! tengok gamba kat bawah. Look at how we happened to wear the same shades of blue by chance. Sy suke la awak pakai baju tu sayang!! Sebab same dgn sy.hehehe..:p

Look at us. Sama kan? I like..=)
(Click picture for better view)

Right after talking to him, I went out for groceries shopping at fruit market. Masa baru je I nak ambik troli, ade satu BMW Z4 masuk parking betul2 kat sebelah I. OMG!! My legs suddenly turned into jelly. Dah la kete cun, tengok2 awek cun pulak yg bawak kete tu. Gila la!! It was amazing to see how sophisticated and beautiful when that gorgeous young lady step out from the car with Louis Vuitton handbag clinging from her hand. Pakai sikit punya vogue, tibe2 datang fruit market beli buah. hahahaha. Memang tak bole blah!! Tp kira ok la kan, at least dia tak mengada2 macam setengah orang kaya lain yg tak penah jejak kaki kat pasar pun. Salute you babe!!=))

Gempak tak kalo nampak awek cun bawak kete ni?

At least kalau orang tanya tau tak cmane rupa BMW Z4, I bole cakap I dah penah berdiri kat sebelah kete tu kat pasar.hehehe.. Berangan sampai mati pun blom tentu dapat kete tu okey!! So, these are the two things that made me smile today. Hope there'll be more beautiful days coming tomorrow and forever..=))

p/s: BMW has always been my dream car. Tu yang teruja je bila npk kete ni. Ade sape2 nak kasi free?? Takde?? Kedekut!! Takpe, I still have my loyal Blacky at home. Syukur dgn apa yg ade kay Amirah..=))

Friday, May 28, 2010

Trip to Pebbly Beach

I'm here again!!

You know what, I forgot to tell you about my sweet escape last weekend. My bad.. It had been a week, but I think it is better than not telling at all rite..:p Actually, Laili's friend, Kak Zura came over from Canberra. So, Laili planned a one-whole-day trip for her and I was so lucky to get myself involved in the interesting outing. There's another person joined us. Farizal, who's the driver cum the photographer cum the stand-by mechanic..:p

We started our journey exactly at 9am and drove all the way to the South Coast. Our first stop was at the Pebbly Beach which is located between Ulladulla and Bateman's Bay. Fyi, Pebbly Beach is widely known as the home of kanggaroos. You'll find a large population of kanggaroo quite happy to be patted or to pose for photos.

See, I told you how friendly those kanggaroos are rite..

The beach

Then, we continued our journey to the Whale Point at Ulladulla. Okay, we didn't see any sign of whales jumping or playing from there. Needless to say, we should have spent more time, but because of the time constraint, we only enjoyed the sweeping ocean views which is stunningly beautiful!! Though it was freezing cold there, it didn't stop us from taking a few memorable pictures over there.

Whale point at Ulladulla

After spending some times for photo session, now it's time for us to fill in our tank. We decided to stop at a pie shop in Milton. There were a huge options of delicious looking pies and mouth watering desert at the shop. Don't live there, otherwise you wouldn't be able to stop yourself from consuming the pies EVERYDAY. Trust me!!hehe..

My pie..eating is such a good therapy remember? :p

Okay, now we're ready to move on with our next stop, Kiama Blowhole. I've been there before if you still remember me telling you. It is almost dark that time and because of the low-lighting, the pictures didn't turn out to be as beautiful as the others. Sorry about that Kak Zura.

Low-lighting picture at Kiama lighthouse

From there, we decided to go back to Wollongong before continue our journey to Sydney. Laili brought us to a Turkish restaurant called Kiroran if I'm not mistaken. The noodle is simply delicious. Not forgetting the lamb and chicken skewers. I can still imagine the taste. Yummie!!=))

Our original plan was to go for a karaoke session rite after dinner. But then, it was fully booked. Plus, it was raining that night and everybody was exhausted enough. So,we decided to go back.

p/s: It was really tiring, but it became one of the most exciting trip that I ever had here in Aussie.. More pictures are available in my FB okay. Can't wait for the trip to Gold Coast soon!!=))

Balik Kampung Part 1

Hai Encik Buku Nota!!=)

Updates!!Finally I've bought my flight ticket from KL to Aussie for Hari Raya in September. I've made up my mind to fly back here using AirAsia as it gives me the cheapest option. Though it will be a bit tiring, but it doesn't matter. As long as I could go back, that will be more than enough..=))

Here are the itineraries:

SYD-MEL = Saturday, 4th Sept 2010,1830-2000
MEL-KUL = Sunday, 5th Sept 2010, 0045-0700

KUL-MEL = Friday, 17th Sep 2010, 2230-0820 (+1)
MEL-SYD = Saturday, 18th Sept 2010 (Pending Booking)

Thanks again Air Asia for giving me chance to travel back home at the lowest price

This means that I'll have exactly 2 weeks at home. There are so much things to be done within that short period. The main idea is to spend most times with the loved ones of course..=)) So, people out there!! InsyaAllah I'll have 2 weeks at home. Let's meet up if u have extra time okay..

p/s: I haven't even let Tim know bout this yet. I have to make sure that my progress is up to his expectation before I could blow up this bombshell.teeheeee..:p

Friday, May 21, 2010

Morning talk makes my day

Dear diary,

First of all, pardon me if this one sounds a bit mushy2. But I can't help it, you gotta hear everything okay.. I don't care!!ehehe..gila kejam!! tak kira la.. harini mood jiwang2 sikit. actually, dari malam tadi pun. hahaha..:p

Well, I normally talk to Mr Bf twice a day. No need to mention through what since you already knew that we're separated by thousands of miles away from each other. One is early in the morning soon before we start our day. And the next is right when he came back from work. And we will continue talking until right before bed time. Then I remember I went to bed last nite with a smile wishing I would be dreaming of him. and I really did!! this is the reason why I woke up with another smile this morning because I knew that he was not only a dream..=))

I also believe that we've got to get up every morning with a smile on our face, and show the world all the love in our heart, Then people gonna treat us better.. Trust me!=))

This is how we date every morning. When both of us are ready for work.

p/s: Dear sweetheart, you have no idea how good it feels to wake up every morning knowing that you are still mine and I am always yours. Love, amrimira.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Bowling Tournament

Good Afternoon!!

I was actually almost gotten asleep at my workplace just now.. Should I blame the weather or blame myself for getting so lazy today??ehehe.. So, it's better if I update you with something instead of sleeping rite.. Let me tell you about another MAS activity which had successfully been done 2 days ago. BOWLING TOURNAMENT on 18th May 2010!!

Alhamdullillah the tournament went on very well and congratulation to Rauf and other MAS members for handling this event to a huge success. 12 players were divided into 3 groups which made 4 person in one group. This is the time where everybody showed their own professional or even funny skills. After all, I could say that everybody who played that day is good in playing bowling. Except for me of course. I tumpang menyebok je..ehehe..=))

Have fun checking on the pictures below. More pictures available in Kak Emy's FB!!

Group photo: Pemain dan penyokong

Champion: (from left: Farizal, Kak Emy, Syaril, Abg Syam)

Second place: (from left: Thaqeef, Mira, Fairus, Abg Ariff). Yes, it's me!!hehe..=))

Third place: (from left: Jiwan, Abg Kamal, Rahimi, Rauf)

Top bowler: Syaril. Bukan je menang score, gaya pun menang jugak. Salute la bro!!=))

As usual, lepas main mesti lepak..McD FairyMeadow.

p/s: It was a real tiring day. But it was fun doing it. At least I do have something else to do other than put my head to toe into never ending works at the office.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Life as a PhD Student

Hye there!

Here I am again. Just got back from seeing Tim. I don't wanna say much here. The feeling is just freaking "AWESOME!!" (say it in the other way around pleaseee..). Can you imagine how the hell is my feeling rite now?? Come I show you something that could perfectly describe my situation.

(click picture for larger view)

Supervisor: I want this project to finish by next week
Student: Next week? Um...
Student (thinking): If I tell him how impossible it is to finish by next week, he'll think I'm inconsistent.
Student (thinking): But if I complaint of all the nighters that I'll have to pull to actually do it, he'll think that I'm not commited to the project.

Student: Sure. No problem!
Supervisor: Hmm, sounds like you don't have enough to do, Can you also bla..bla..bla..
Student: DANG!!!

p/s: I need a break now. Terribly!! Small cup of chips and regular hot chocolate sound sensationally delicious at the moment. Hmmm, I never knew that having chips while looking at the falling autumn leaves could be very soothing and calming as well. Well, eating is such a good therapy, isn't it?

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Visit from PM Dr Izani

Good Morning Mr Diary!!

I'm in such a happy mood today. Now I'm all ready to see my supervisor with A LOT of questions to be asked. Owh, I wanted to update something since last few days.. But I really had not enough time to do so. So, now here we go.

You know what sweetheart, I was so delighted to get a visit from PM Dr Izani, my Dean from USM last Wednesday, 12th May 2010. Eventhough it was just a very short one, I think it is very meaningful for me. At least now he knew who's the person that I'm working with and how does UOW looks like.

He's actually in a series of promoting USM's postdoctoral program for those who are interested from all around New South Wales. And since I'm the only fellow who's here in Wollongong, I played a big role in making sure that he got such a worthwile visit. Alhamdulillah everything went well and hopefully there might be a good collabration between UOW and USM after this.

A memorable visit.
From left: Me, Assoc Prof Dr Izani (Dean from USM), Jacqui Rammage (Head of School UOW), Rachel Weine (International Officer Faculty of Informatics).

p/s: Yesterday I watched the last episode of Adamaya. I never missed to watch it online since the very first episode came out. Comel gile cite tu. Very simple and easily understood. Yang penting semua pelakon dia sempoi. It is almost impossibe for a guy like Adam to ever exist in this world today rite? But we can simply catch cheating wife like Maya these days. It happens everywhere. Hopefully I'm not gonna be like that. Amiinnn. Tapi kan, nak request anak mcm Amani satu bole???? bole la..bole la..hehehe..:p

Sunday, May 9, 2010

I love my mum


Yeayyy!! The day has finally come. Today almost everybody in the whole world is celebrating their beloved mothers. First and foremost, I would like to dedicate this special entry to my mum, Puan Kartini binti Abdullah. She's now spending her quality time with my family at Bukit Merah Laketown Resort.

Dear Mak,

You are a mother of six children with six different characters.

You are a career woman with tonnes of responsibilities on your shoulder.

You taught us on how to survive in this whole challenging world.

You supported us in everything we do.

You are always there for us no matter what condition we are in.

You sacrificed everything you wanted for the sake of fulfilling our needs.

You are the first to know whether we're in the happiest or saddest moment.

You always know how to love us just in the right way.

You understand us when no one else can.

For everything we did, you always said that a mother's love endures through all.

And I know that when Allah swt invented mothers, He gave me the best!!

With this, I would like to present this award to you as the best mum in the wo

Here are some photos of me and my mum in our most unforgettable moments.

My MSc Convocation at UTM (August 2008)

The day when I flew to Australia (July, 2009)

Mak with all my siblings skype-ing on my very first hari Raya abroad (September 2009)

Summer holiday (February, 2010)

p/s: To mak, when you read this, I just want you to know, even that I'm not there beside you now, but my prayers follow everywhere.. I love you so much and thanks for being with me through it all. I am who I am today because of your love and prayers.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Mother's Day

Dear diary,

Today is the third day of May. And everything around me are all about Mother's Day now. In case if you did not notice, Mother's Day is celebrated most commonly in May particularly to honour mothers and motherhood. This celebration applies to most countries in the world including Malaysia and Australia and we set the second Sunday of May as the day to commemorate our mothers.

The celebration can be done in many different ways. It depends on the family themselves. I know all mums in the world never ask for anything in return. I will give you one example of a typical mum's trait. Let say if there are only three pieces of pizza for four people, a mother is the person who promptly announces she never did care for the pizza or she hates to eat pizza eventhough it could be their favourite dish. They would fulfill their kids desires rather then filling theirs.

You know what sweetie, I remember that I have been kissed by my mother (very often). And I also remember that I may have been scolded by my mother once or twice in my whole life. But as for now, I realize that no matter it is the kissing or the scolding part, only the LOVE that matters. And normally, the scold and kiss come together. Ni berdasarkan pengalaman sendiri. Saya tengok mak marah adik2 atas sebab tertentu. Tapi, lepas adik2 dah tido, mak akan datang tengok, usap kepala, mak akan cakap mak marah sebab mak sayang anak2 mak. Tapi masa tu adik2 dah lena tido. Diorang mesti tak sedar. But I was there. Witnessing the moment. I know how much my mum loves each and everyone of us.

Mum and Daughter two hearts pendant. Isn't it beautiful?? I wish I could have this for me and my mum one day..=))
( photo courtesy )

p/s: I will never be able to write things to describe how wonderful my mother is as everything beautiful in the world describes my mother.