Monday, May 3, 2010

Mother's Day

Dear diary,

Today is the third day of May. And everything around me are all about Mother's Day now. In case if you did not notice, Mother's Day is celebrated most commonly in May particularly to honour mothers and motherhood. This celebration applies to most countries in the world including Malaysia and Australia and we set the second Sunday of May as the day to commemorate our mothers.

The celebration can be done in many different ways. It depends on the family themselves. I know all mums in the world never ask for anything in return. I will give you one example of a typical mum's trait. Let say if there are only three pieces of pizza for four people, a mother is the person who promptly announces she never did care for the pizza or she hates to eat pizza eventhough it could be their favourite dish. They would fulfill their kids desires rather then filling theirs.

You know what sweetie, I remember that I have been kissed by my mother (very often). And I also remember that I may have been scolded by my mother once or twice in my whole life. But as for now, I realize that no matter it is the kissing or the scolding part, only the LOVE that matters. And normally, the scold and kiss come together. Ni berdasarkan pengalaman sendiri. Saya tengok mak marah adik2 atas sebab tertentu. Tapi, lepas adik2 dah tido, mak akan datang tengok, usap kepala, mak akan cakap mak marah sebab mak sayang anak2 mak. Tapi masa tu adik2 dah lena tido. Diorang mesti tak sedar. But I was there. Witnessing the moment. I know how much my mum loves each and everyone of us.

Mum and Daughter two hearts pendant. Isn't it beautiful?? I wish I could have this for me and my mum one day..=))
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p/s: I will never be able to write things to describe how wonderful my mother is as everything beautiful in the world describes my mother.

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