Monday, May 31, 2010

Welcoming Winter

Good afternoon!!

Today is the last day of autumn and tomorrow will be the start of winter. As autumn ends, and winter comes, the day is getting shorter and shorter. And most of our daily activities are now restricted in regard to the cold weather. Bila dah sejuk2 camni, ramai orang akan pilih utk hibernate dekat rumah je la jawabnya.

Weather change also means a change in fashion here. You can't simply wear sweat shirts and pants as you'll end up freezing in coldness. At least you need a warm winter coat to cover your body. Pakai la cantik cmane pun, last-last kena pakai jacket jugak kat luar.hehe.. So people, forget about being so fashionable during winter. Nobody cares!!:p

Speaking of welcoming winter, here is my wishlist of things that I'll "probably" need. Probably here means memang tak mungkin dapat la since they will cost me a fortune. hahaha. Tapi berangan ape salahnya. kan? kan? :p

Wishlist items
(photo courtesy

Owh dear, I'm dying to get that exquisite light gray shearling jacket. Sangat cantek lah!! It looks perfect to be paired with that white turtle-neck. Ok,ok, I already got one. But I'd LOVE to get another one if somebody sweet could offer me a new piece of this clean looking turtle-neck. Anybody? No? Sighs.. Saya sungguh kecewa.hukhuk.. Ok, now look at the vintage worn style with heavy destruction skinny jeans. Nak! Nak! Bestnye kalau dapat yang ni. I xde skinny kaler tu lagi.. I eyed for one, unfortunately the price is wayyyyy too far from my budget. So, cancel!! hehe.. And I'm so inlove with that flirty ankle booties as well!! Senang cite, saya nak semua lah!! Boleh?? hehehe..

p/s: Ok, dah boleh berhenti berangan sekarang ye Amirah. Bangun..bangun.. Back to reality. Tadi mengantuk sangat. So, bukak google nak cari benda lain. tiba-tiba "ter"google benda2 alah ni. Camni la pompuan.. hehe.. :p :p

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