Thursday, December 31, 2015

Goodbye 2015. You have been great!


Ehem ehem.. Lamanya tak menulis. I am not going to blame the time as what I normally do. Banyak je masa yang boleh curi-curi sebenarnya, cuma mood menulis tu yang tak sampai. However, as the year is approaching the end, I feel like writing something out sebagai kenangan untuk hari terakhir tahun ni. Well, to sum up everything, 2015 has been really beautiful to me. It was very very beautiful I couldn't really describe every single thing in words properly.

Tahun 2015 adalah tahun yang sangat bermakna sepanjang hidup I di muka bumi ni. Allah swt has granted me with so many beautiful things one after another, but the most significant two are my work as a young lecturer in USM and new experience as an expecting mother.

Yes, I am expecting my very first child in 4 weeks time. I have been keeping this to myself since forever. Hanya sedara mara terdekat atau kawan-kawan yang pernah terserempak je yang tau about the change in me, physically obviously. Tapi bila dah semakin dekat dengan delivery date, I think I will need extra doa from the others as well.

InsyaAllah kalau tak ada apa-apa aral, I dijadualkan bersalin penghujung bulan Januari 2016. What a nice way to start my new year, isn't it? And after almost 3 years of waiting very patiently, I dengan my husband kena betul-betul bersedia untuk menggalas tanggungjawab baru as a new parents. I know it's not going to be very smooth and easy, but I think we are ready. :)

This blog has been keeping my life journey since 6 years ago, and being pregnant is one of the most remarkable journey in my life. So I decided to commemorate a few photos that I would love to look at again and again when I get older later on. Sebenaqnya bila dah mula perubahan fizikal yang mendadak, memang takdak mood nak ambik gambaq pun with your bump showing off. Tapi ada a few yang I rasa patut simpan jadi kenangan, so I decided to keep them here. :)

My significant other.
Thank you for your patience and love in handling this cranky pregnant lady. :p

Almost 9-month pregnant. Looking hugeeeeee like a world globe.

Pregnant sisters. Our delivery dates are close to each other.

So, I think that's all from me for 2015. I don't expect myself to write more in 2016, but if I do, hopefully I boleh share banyak benda yang lebih bermanfaat untuk bacaan semua. Thank you for treating me well 2015, I am looking for more and more beautiful things next year. Till then people, see you next time. Bye bye! :*