Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Living a full, rich and meaningful life


Hi semua! How are you doing? Amboi, dua bulan lebih menghilang, tetiba muncul balik mood gembira. hihihi. My life was very occupied in the past two months. I am so happy that the academic year for this semester has just ended, so boleh la tarik nafas lega sikit sebab tak payah buat preparation untuk lectures, tutorials, assignments, tests and so on.

Unfortunately, my work commitment does not stop there. Now is the time to focus on other things not related to teaching. I have three FYPs and one Master's dissertation to read on. This will definitely keep me busy at least for the next two or three weeks. Following this is the final exam week, of course lepas tu seminggu kena marking. Maybe lepas dah siap marking baru boleh hip hip hooray!! :)

Did I tell you that my husband is back already? Yes, he has been home for nearly one month taking over all the responsibilities that he asked me to take care of while he was away. Seronok weh bila husband dah balik. Bergaduh manja tu standard la kan, but when he is around, the house feels so full. And I am back as happy Amirah now. :)

Our latest picture together. Taken last weekend at my cousins' wedding.

So anyway, we are moving into our new house this week. Rumah sekarang tunggang langgang macam hapa je. Kotak and beg di mana-mana. Jangan la datang jenguk rumah sekarang memang aku halau tak bagi masuk. Segan kat orang weh. Takpe sikit lagi, insyaAllah by next week you guys are welcome to our new heaven on earth. :)

Well, to summarize everything in short, my life has been so meaningful lately. Banyak berita gembira yang datang one after another. And for this, I have to express my ultimate thank you to Allah the Almighty. Verily, He is the best of planners. :)