Thursday, July 29, 2010

Snow Calls

Good morning dear!!

As I mentioned before, I'm going to Snowy Mountains this weekend (July 30th- August 1st). Omg, bercuti lagi??? Mati la I kena sound dengan Dr Ong kalau dia dapat tau nanti.huhu. But what to do. Dah lama plan dengan Kak Emy nak pegi Snowy Mountains ni. Right now, it's winter and it becomes the significant tourism destination for snow sports; skiing, snowboarding, snowshoeing etc. But hey, I'm listed among those people who have never skied or snowboarded before and really aren't sure if I'm going to like it or not.

Skiing at Perisher, Snowy Mountains
(photo courtesy from

So, don't expect me to get on the ski cruising down the mountain like the above picture okay!! Tak pasal-pasal nnt Kak Emy kena kutip I kat bawah sebab jatuh tergolek-golek akibat nak tunjuk hebat main ski. Biar aje la budak2 lain yang main. I jadi tukang tengok saje.hehehe. There going to be 7 of us altogether in the trip, Kak Emy, Abg Sham, Syaril, Farizal, Kashfi, Khairul and myself. People reccommend us to start our journey as early as possible on Friday because it's gonna be a 4-5 hours drive from here to the destination.

We are going to stay at Highland Lodge Farmstay, Jindabyne. I have no idea how does a farmstay looks like. It appears to be a nice one in the web. Rasa macam duduk kat ladang orang putih yang zaman pakai gown kembang, head-scarf, bawak bakul, kutip telur angsa kat ladang sambil menyanyi dengan gembiranya.hehehe. eh, bole ke camtu?? You ni Amirah, kalau bole berangan memang tak ingat. Lebih-lebih pulak tau! Well, this house is a private ensuite, featuring country finishing and a cosy log fire. And I believe it is such a perfect place to relax during winter.

So, I think I already have my jackets and sweaters, scarf and mittens, stockings and boots, warm woolen suits, all packed up, and now I'm ready to play in the snow. lalala~~ Hey, don't you feel that dressing in all those stuffs will make me looks silly and clumsy?? Rasa macam angkasawan nak naik ke bulan pun ada. Berat mestila tambah berganda-ganda kan. But nobody cares. Neither do I. Everybody appears the same there. So, I guess I will see you later then. Wait for more updates when I come back okay. Till then, tata.

p/s: The weather is expected to be totally freezing there. I don't know whether I'm going to like it or not. But people said there is no such thing as bad weather, only different kinds of good weather. So, enjoy it!! However, the best weather for me would be the one when you can hear the birds chipping happily..=))

Monday, July 26, 2010

Weekend Goings-On

Dear diary,

Here is some updates on what happened during last weekend. I went out for groceries shopping with Kak Azean on Saturday morning. Tapi takde pape sangat nak beli sebab I dah jarang sangat masak sekarang. So, I ended up buying a new trench coat for myself. Actually, I have long been looking for a black trench coat before this. But nothing seems to meet my taste and budget of course. But this time, I got exactly like what I wanted all this while. Jadi, tanpa ragu-ragu i pun terus beli baju tu dengan alasan menepati citarasa, murah dan bulan ni belom spend duit beli baju baru.teeheee..:p Gosh!! when it comes to clothes-shopping, I just couldn't resist. Help~~

Six large buttons, double-breasted, tie waist black trench coat

On Sunday morning, I had my breakfast (or lunch to be exact) at a new Indian restaurant at the city. Overall, the foods are okay. Only the service is not really satisfying. Sengal punya mamak. Ada ke patut dia suruh kitorang tulis sendiri order. Lepas tu, bila dah siap tulis, boleh pulak dia komplen order kitorang susah. "These orders are very very difficult". He said it in his thick Indian accent. Deyy macha!! Plain naan, garlic naan, cheese naan dengan tandoori chicken apa yang susahnya?? Apa daaaa?? Dia ingat bila membebel dalam bahasa dia tu kitorang tak faham ke dia tengah kutuk. haihhh.. Padahal memang tak faham pun.huhu.. Bak kata membe2 I, kalo kat Mesia mmg dah kene pukul la macha tu.

Luckily the taste of the foods encountered the poor service provided. Geram punya pasal, kitorang bayar harga makanan AUD38.40 guna duit syiling. Padan muka!! hahaha.. They think they are good as though they're the best Indian restaurant in town. Hmm, it might be our first and last try. Kecuali kalau mengidam sangat nak makan kari mamak baru I pegi balik kedai tu. Well, I think I'm such a real Penangites lah. Pi ceruk dunia mana pun tetap nak cari mamak.hahaha..

Then last night, Kak Emy invited me and the rest of the Snowy Mountain's partakers to her house for dinner. Whenever there is an invitation from Kak Emy, I really need to empty my stomach before that because she definitely will prepare such an enermous amount of foods for us. She prepared complete set of mouth-watering nasik ayam, fruits, cakes, keropok ikan etc... Tujuan asalnye nak bincang pasal trip ke Snowy Mountain hujung minggu ni. I will tell you in details about this trip later on okay.

p/s: Lunch-cater service from Kak Ila and Kak Aishah on weekdays really make my life much more easier now. Bahagianya sebab tak payah masak tiap-tiap hari sekarang ni. Yahuuuu!! Thanks for the service kakak-kakak sekalian..=))

A Brand New Start

Hye sweetheart!!

So, how do you like your new appearance? It looks good, doesn't it? Cerah mata sikit I tengok. As usual, the theme of the background still has something to do with butterflies. That is what White Admiral is supposed to mean by the way. I decided to make all these changes in parallel to the start of my new semester, new hopes, new adventures, new tasks, as well as new blog layout. eh, takde kaitan!hehe..

Well dear, this is the beginning of the third semester for me. Look at how fast the time flies. I didn't even realize that I am already in my second year of PhD candidature in Uni of Wollongong. I still have plenty of things to catch up. Being too slow, I will end up not completing the tasks. Being too fast, I will damage the tasks in rush. Therefore, I will just keep my works on the track, neither too slow nor too fast. So, keep looking forward Amirah, be efficient and effective.

Look forward and focus. The secret to success.
(photo courtesy from Mick. Thanks for tagging me in this picture)

p/s: If you noticed something, one application from this page has been removed due to the unforeseen circumstances. Yes, the cbox message. Don't worry, I'll put it back once I'm sure that there will be no unwelcoming message written in there. So, as for now, no cbox message for you okay sweetie..=))

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Incredible Ginger

Dear diary,

Have you ever tasted ginger? Sure not rite? Me? Yup, I did. When I stayed at home, I noticed that my mum takes ginger-flavoured water regularly. And she sometimes asked me to drink it along with her. Bagus untuk kesihatan katanya. But she didn't drink it just like that. It won't taste good. Biasanya mak rebus halia tu dengan daun pandan, kayu manis and cengkih sampai mendidih. Perasan tak, semua herbs yang wangi2. Then, pour some into a cup, add a teaspoon of honey, stir it well, and drink it once a day. Alhamdulillah by the age of 50, my mum's health record is still at her best condition. Maybe the benefits of ginger really works on her. Maknanya dari kecik2 dulu I dah terbiasa minum air halia sebab mak suruh. Padahal taktau apa2 pun.hehe..

Ginger : the natural remedy
(photo courtesy from

But then, end of last year, I had a bad cough for more than 3-month. I coughed, coughed over and over again. Makan ubat jangan cakap la. Tak larat nak telan dah rasanya. You know those medicine normally include a little amount of drugs. So, bila rasa macam takde perubahan, I stopped taking medicine to avoid consuming drugs into my body which is really not good for me. Lantak la nak batuk ke ape. Felt annoying but I couldn't help it. Nothing works on me that time. Whenever I talked to my mum, she keep telling me to drink her ginger water. Tapi I degil, malas nak buat sendiri. Biasanya mak buat, tapi bila dah duduk sini, kena buat sendiri mmg tak best.huhu.. Bila fikir2 balik, agaknya sebab I tak ikut cakap mak la batuk tu tak baik2 kan. Ha, padan muka!! Lain kali jgn degil tau!!

So one day, When I was doing my work at my office, I coughed soo badly until attracted my officemates attention. Mana taknya, batuk kong kang kong kang, sah2 la mengganggu orang lain kan. So, one of these fellow, Bothaina, suggested me to drink ginger water with honey. She said it is a really good natural thing for self healing. She also mentioned about how ginger makes an appearance in the Quran, being one of the two aromatics of Paradise; the blessed drink ginger-flavoured water from the fountain called Salsabil. The warming action of ginger, together with the cooling effect of camphor, symbolize the protection from cold and heat. That is an astonishing fact of ginger that I never knew. Btw, Bothaina is a Muslim from Libya, and she talks from a Muslim point of view.

So, I decided to start doing as what she suggested. Or to be more exact, as what my mum asked me to do since long ago. At the beginning, I took it twice a day, one cup in the morning and one before sleep time. After a week, I was amazed to see the healing sign. Daripada batuk macam king kong, dah kurang jadi batuk2 manja je tau.hehe. So, I continued taking the drink for another week. Alhamdulillah, batuk yang dah berbulan2 macam orang sakit kronik tu hilang sepenuhnya. And until now, I don't stop drinking it. Four times a week just to keep a good health. Tambah2 pulak musim sejuk camni, minum ginger memang best untuk memanaskan badan..=))

A cup of tea together with ginger and honey surely taste good
(Photo courtesy from

p/s: Kalau nak explain khasiat halia dalam ni, tak cukup tangan nak tulis rasanya. Banyak sangat. Bole google kalau nak tau kay.hehe.. Thanks to Allah for all the amazing benefits of ginger. Such an incredible creation it is.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Wonderful Day


First of all, nak jerit jap


Okay, now let me explain. You know what dear, my Maple code on numerical solution of Camassa-Holm equation has finally works. Alhamdulillah rasa macam terlepas dari hukuman gantung tau tak. It took me months of trials. And today on July 19th, all my hard works are paid off.

I mentioned about my meeting with Tim last Friday rite. Okay, he found two inconsistent parameters inside my program. Then he asked me to increase the small values of dx and dt to a larger scale instead. What??? Tukar lagi??? Masa tu dalam hati ni pasrah je la. Dengan hati yg sedih I balik ofis, nak buat apa yg Tim suruh. Masa tu pun dah petang and I ada BAT session dekat gym pukul 4.30pm. Then, I changed the parameter, put stick-on note "SIMULATION IN PROGRESS, DO NOT TURN OFF" at my pc, I went back, leaving the simulation running for 5000 loopings. (Tamak gila kan. Tapi takde la letak harapan tinggi sangat masa ni).

On Saturday, my curiousity urged my to come and check what happen to the simulation. So, I came to Uni. Sampai je ofis, urghhh, kecewa!!! Because I found out that my programming crashed. Ok, takpe2, jangan give up. Konon pujuk diri sendiri la tu. I run it once again using smaller loops, 100 instead of 5000. Orang tua kan dah pesan jangan tamak kan. So, I went back home with a little prayers to see my program works tomorrow. Balik umah, masak, makan, and then I tido pukul 8.30pm. Yes dear, 8.30pm!! Too early to be true for me rite. But I really did. Taknak fikir panjang masa tu. I woke up 12hours after that at 8.30am. Gila!! Baby pun tak tido straight lama2 sampai mcm tu tau.hahaha.

On Sunday after lunch, I came to uni again. Ni boleh buat world record ni. Amirah comes to uni on weekends?? Buang tebiat ke apa dia tu. Tak penah2 dia datang uni tau hujung2 minggu. But last weekend, she did it.hehe.. Okay, kali ni I masuk je ofis, nampak result yg menarik perhatian. Dah mula senyum sampai telinga dah. Rilex2, mak selalu pesan jgn seronok2 sangat. Nanti sedih. So, I printed the result, and saved it into my secured file. Then, I decided to increase the number of loopings. Kali ni kalau tak jadi pun tak frust sgt la sebab dah ada result yg agak okay. So, I pun balik rumah. makan, makan n makan lagi. I went to bed at for 4am. Amik kau!! semalam tido awal, malam ni lambat gila pulak.huhu.

I woke up at 9am, prepare my lunch, getting ready to go to uni. I arrived at my workplace at 1.30pm. hahaha. Suka hati je nak dtg uni pukul berapa kan. Kali ni, bila tengok result yg I tinggalkan semalam, I rasa mcm nak loncat dah. Takpe, rileks lagi. I brought the printed result to see Tim. The moment he said, "Hmm, this one looks like it. Well done Amirah!!" Okay, comfirm loncat dalam hati!! Finally I made it, my objective for this semester is now satisfied. Alhamdulillah..=))

Looks familiar? Can you imagine, it took me 3months to obtain this little solution.

p/s: I believe that I should have done better this semester. Too bad that I didn't. It's alrite, keep on working hard okay dear Amirah. You know why you're here. Maybe next semester will be much better than this one. Aminnn..=)

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Kindy Grad Student


Finally, I went to see Tim today!! After errr, 3 weeks of not seeing each other I guess. He went to China for his formal work matters. As a Dean Of Research for this university, I really need to accept the fact that he is really busy. This is the risk of having only one supervisor. If he is not around, you'll feel lost. ececeh!! Macam la kalau dia ada I tak rasa lost.hehe..

Well, for the past few weeks, I keep modifying/improving my Maple code on and on. And the result is still not really promising. Too bad rite. Perlukah saya give-up?? Ohh no no!! Don't you dare to give it up till your last breath. Ha, padan muka kena marah!! Tadi masa pegi jumpa Tim, he promised to take 1-hour of his time to look at the code in depth. And tomorrow at 12noon we will see on how it goes. Yeayy!! Jumpa beliau lagi esok. Suka, sukaaa, sukaaaaaa.. T__T

Now give me some space to babble. I seek help from a friend to run Tim's Fortran code since the last 2 weeks. Maklumla, I memang buta terus pasal Fortran. After running it, he said that there is no error message or lexical error came out. Meaning that the code is written perfectly. However, when he tried to run the excutable file, it only keeps the CPU busy and it seems like there exists an infinite loop inside the code and of course he didn't have the guts to check on each and every line to find which one is the infinite loop. It is mathematical programming dear. With tonnes of symbols here and there. It is good enough if he didn't collapse by just looking at them.

So, He suggested me to find an algorithm for the code and build it up from the very beginning. Matilaaaaaaaaa I kalau camntu. It will take me forever to come out with a very simple command. Aaaaaaaaa!!!! Okay, cukup. Tamat sesi mengadu. Sorry la ye. I know you hate it when I start talking about my works. But what to do? I have only you. hahaha..:p

I have something to share here. I stumbled upon this in one of my friend's update. Check it out.

They're all soooo true.

How grad school is just like kindergarten??

  1. All day napping is acceptable
    Very true. Asal ngantuk je bole tido. Yippieee!!
  2. There is constant adult supervision
    Yup. For my case, I'll see my supervisor every Friday at 12noon.
  3. You get cookies for lunch
    I get it at all time. lalalala~
  4. Most common activity; cutting and pasting
    Not really applicable for me. But it somehow defines the literature review writing process
  5. There are no grades (you just have to "play" well with others)
    Exactly!!! You don't have to worry about grades. All you need to think about is only deadline of submission. hehe.
  6. Crying for your mommy is normal
    This one works the best for me. Tapi takdela nangis guling2 hentak2 kaki tu. I mentioned that I'll call my mum everyday rite. Ha, this is the reason why.hehe.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Beautiful Box

Dear diary,

I talked to my mum for almost hmm, say 2hours last night. Very long conversation huh?? Biasa la. Malam2 takde buat pape mmg masa utk bergosip dgn mak la.hehe. She told me about the preparation on abang's wedding. Bekas hantaran, door gift for the ladies, gentlemen, VIPs, bla bla bla semua dah siap tempah. Everything seems to run smoothly on the track now. Alhamdulillah. Can't wait to go back and have a look at them myself. Ni la yg tak bestnya bila duduk jauh2 macam ni. Ketinggalan semua benda. Balik2 tengok semua dah siap. Takde can la nak kepoh2 buat2 busy masa persiapan semua ni. Sungguh tak seronok okeh!!

Owh, when I go back for this coming Hari Raya, I need to start hunting for the matching outfits that suit the wedding themes later on. Silver for majlis bertandang and green for my brother's side (to match his garden wedding theme). Semua nak tempah/beli masa balik raya nanti. Masa majlis nikah tu blasah je la pakai apa yg ada. I think I still have my white&pink graduation's outfit which is only worn once or twice. So, settled!! Eh kau ni Amirah, orang lain yang nak kawen, kau yg sebok2 nak cari baju apehal? Over tau!! Hahaha. Excited weh. First event in the family..=))

I'm looking for something simple like this

And I wish to have something sweet like this..=))

Ha, back to the above title, I received a parcel just now. Actually, I collected it at Unanderra because I wasn't at home when it was delivered to me yesterday. The parcel is from him and became the most meaningful box ever!! It contains a sweater with his name written on it, a multi-purpose pen which is specially bought from Japan and a card that he wrote with his own handwriting.

Hmm, bole berangan jadi staff Perodua. Hai, saya Faizal Mira. eh salah, Amri :p

p/s: Thanks heaps dear. I know it costed you a lot sending me all these items. Tak sia-sia saya komplen kat awak tiap2 hari sejuk kat sini. Dapat sweater ade tulis nama awak lagi. Lepas ni nak komplen lagi la. Mana tau tuan punya sweater pulak yg muncul kan.hehehe. Ok, stop dreaming girl!! :p

Friday, July 9, 2010

Memorabilia: 7th Year

Here are some memorable pictures of me and him for all the years from 2003 until 2010. There are a lot more but I choose the ones in regard to our most unforgettable events according to sequences and times. Hav fun looking at each and every collage pictures!!=))

1) Faizal Amri
Introducing the man who has stolen my heart since 9 years back. Look at him with his different array of expressions. He never failed to make me keep falling in love with him everyday..=))

2)Eye On Malaysia
These pictures were taken during our second visit to KL in February 2007. There were times when we really enjoy travelling by bus. Hope to have more visits like this in future. Spending quality time like this somehow helps to tighten our relation.

Eye On Malaysia, February 2007

3)Genting Highland

This was our first visit to Genting Highland since he left UTM. We went there together with my elder brother, Hanif, my sister, Fatin, and my cousin, Zariff somewhere in July 2008.

Genting Highland, July 2008

4)His Convocation
It was the day when he graduated from UTM making him the happiest person on the earth as all the hardships were then paid off. And I became the next happiest person on the earth to witness the ceremony seeing him walking proudly on the stage receiving his scroll. Congratulation dear!

His Convocation, August 2008

5)Kota Tinggi
I always want to spend my time with him at the beach and I keep telling him that since forever. And one day, he drove me all the way from Skudai to Kota Tinggi just to make my dream comes true. TQ so much sayang!!

Kota Tinggi, November 2008

6)My MSc Convocation
This was my turn to be the happiest person on the whole planet celebrating my 2nd graduation from UTM for my Master's Degree. I was much more luckier to have all my beloved persons around me including him. He never failed to present himself to be with me on my special days..=))

My MSc Convocation, March 2009

7)Summer Holiday
February 2009, I went back to Malaysia for the first time after 7 months being away from him. And again, we went to Genting Highland for the second time. But this time, my whole family was there too. I felt very happy to see how he blended himself very well with my family during this vacation.

Summer Holiday, February 2010

The following pictures were taken randomly for all the years we had spent together since 2003 until now.

Random pictures, 2003-2010

Love Story: 7th Year


It was 9 years back when I first laid my eyes on him. We registered at the same boarding school, MRSM Beseri, Perlis in Year 2001. I coincidentally met him for the first time at the library during our orientation day. And I slyly figured out his name from one of his group member. (revealing secret #1). Faizal Amri. The first guy that caught my attention in MRSM Beseri. That is the beginning point of everything, when I started to fall in love for the first time in my life. I mean love, ignore crushes.

## FIRST YEAR, 2001 ##

However, there is a bridge between the first sight until the next best things came on. He was enrolled in class 4 Amanah and myself in 4 Effisien. Because my classroom is strategically situated at the end corner of the building, everyday I will find a way to walk pass his classroom just to sneak a look at him. I remembered that I have 6 reasonable chances of walking in front of his class everyday including Prep Time and I will be happy enough even if I have chance to see him once or twice a day. Sounds lame isn't it? But that was exactly what I did. (revealing secret #2). Somehow, we ended our first year in MRSM Beseri just like that. Nothing happen.

## SECOND YEAR, 2002 ##

During form 5, I was transferred into class 5 Gigih. I hated it because I don't have chance to walk pass his classroom anymore since it is easier to enter mine from another side of the building. Urghhh!! Really frustrated. However, to make things become more interesting, I found him walking through my door everyday. Sometime more than three times each day. That was the time when we started exchanging quick glances and smile to each other. I know right from the start that there's something between us that nobody else knows. You know what, I secretly memorized his daily timetable so that I would be able to be there, waiting for him. (Revealing secret #3). When I came to think of it, it is really funny though..:p


Owh, I forgot to tell you one thing. During my second year in MRSM Beseri, everyday somebody will put a candy right inside my desk. Yes, almost everyday I will come to class finding my favourite candy nicely placed on top of my pile of books. He/she kept on doing that for the rest of the year. Nevertheless, I didn't eat them all. I kept every little candy nicely in a box. As a point of fact, I don't normally accept things from strangers that easily. But that time I don't know why I keep everything without even having intention to figure out who the sender was.


Back to the story between me and him, again, nothing much happen throughout the year. We only keep on exchanging looks and smiles everyday. That's the best thing that both of us could do at that time. But in January 2002, I received the very first phone call from him. I went back home for Thaipusam holiday. And he called my house from a public phone while he was on his way back to Malacca. Omg, I felt very overwhelming that time. I can't believe that he finally took the first move by calling me at home. I remembered that we didn't talk that much. Honestly, I was very nervous at that time. (revealing secret #4). Can you imagine having somebody that you really really like on the other side of the phone. I am lucky enough if he didn't hear my heart thumping very loud..:p Right from that moment, I believe that there is something special between us. It remained a secret that no one knows. Ok, I lied. Emy, my cubemate knew everything about me liking him.

## SPM 2002 ##

2002 is the year that we took the last public examination at MRSM Beseri before the entry into a first bachelor degree course at a university. The examination was held in November, a week after MRSM Beseri's graduation ceremony on the 1st November 2002. (A day before my birthday.hehe). Owh, why was the graduation day so important to me? Because we had our photo taken on that day. And it became our very first photo together and my favourite photo of all. Then I also received another meaningful phone call from him wishing both of us good luck for the important exam. Thank you sweetheart.


After 2years of hardship in highschool, the time for us to leave every (sweet and bitter) things behind had finally arrived. Saying good bye is always the hardest word to confess rite. The night before I leave MRSM Beseri, somebody came disclosing a secret that he kept for a very long time. Remember about the mysterious candy that I mentioned before? That guy told me that they were all from Faizal Amri. He's only the messenger. He didn't have chance to put the very last piece under my desk that night and decided to reveal everything about it. Omg, it was really flattering. No wonder why I keep all the candies eventhough I don't know from who did they come from. I believe that the chemistry between me and him does exists from the very beginning. You know what dear, eventhough there's nothing happen between us throughout those two years, somehow, somewhat, I believe that there going to be something to happen in future. That was my very last wish before I left high school life. (revealing secret #5). We keep each other in contact using mobile phones without expecting what will happen next. No confession. Nothing.


March 2003, everybody received their SPM result. And I made one of the biggest decision in my life that had literally effected my future (in a good way). I rejected the offer to further my bachelor's degree in United Kingdom and decided to enter UTM Skudai. I made my own decision without being influenced by anybody. Nonetheless, I never knew that it actually meant, I will be studying at the same university with him. Yes, we entered the same proram, Tahun Asas UTM 2003. Is that what we call fate? I don't know. Maybe it is.. You have no idea how happy I was, knowing that I will be having chance to spend the whole bachelor's degree years in UTM with someone who has stolen my heart..=))


Well, the first time that we actually met was during the first two weeks in UTM. He treated me lunch at Center Point. (I didn't consider this as a date because my best friend Hajar was also there). Then, he asked me out for the first time before both of us went back home for mid semester break. McD Taman Universiti. Our first (unofficial) lunch date. After 2 weeks at home, we both came back to UTM. Now come the happy part.teeheee..:p He proposed. Where? Center Point UTM. When? Lunch hour. No such things like romantic dinner or whatever. We don't need that though. It didn't took me a long time to answer when he asked me to be more than just a friend. I straight away said yes as that is the thing that I have long been waiting for. So, on 9th July 2003, we declared each other as a couple which means that we're now officially taken. He is mine. And I am his.. And our love balloon is then blooming. lalala~~~


Throughout all the years in UTM, both of us had our ups and downs together. From the sweetest until the hardest parts. We went through everything hand in hand. Things happened more than any of us could ever committed to memory. The biggest problem occured in 2007 (our fourth year together). And we survived. Yes, we survived cruising through all the hardships. For me, no matter how hard things have gotten on us, we learnt to appreciate things that we have now because we went through all the hard times together. Thank you for being with me all this while dear. You're such an invaluable most divine gift that I ever had in mylife.


We both completed our studies in Year 2008. He left UTM one semester earlier than I did since I still need to complete my Master's Degree. He started his working life while I was struggling my life as a student without having him beside me. Alhamdulillah, things went on very well even after I was left alone in UTM. We keep seeing each other at least twice a month. It is either he came to visit me n UTM or I went down to KL to spend my weekends with him. I believe that no matter what phase we are in, our love balloon will keep on expanding..=))


Don't be surprised with the above subtitle. It is not like I leave him forever. No. Not at all. I came to Australia to further my study since July 2009. And now we are like thousand miles away from each other. This is the hardest part of all. I used to be so close to him in MRSM. And we spent most of our times together for all 5 years in UTM. Can you imagine how can I survive being away from him like this? It is damn hard I tell you. But thanks heaps to my man. He made me feel like we are still very close at heart. We talk (skype) to each other everyday. Addition, twice, EVERYDAY. If I am in Malaysia, I believe that we don't even have chance to talk to each other for that long. This is how we survive now. Seeing each other everyday virtually sounds fun huh!! It really is..=)) Well, distance is the pure proof of our love now. If it survives, it is going to be stronger than ever, and forever we will love each other..


All the way through seven years, I think he is the best thing that ever happen in my life or ever made for me. Speaking of this, I want to share something with you. He was born on 22nd January 1985 and I was born on 2nd November the same year. This means that he came out to see the world 9 months and 10 days earlier than I did. For this, I keep telling him that I was made for him. Why? Come, think about this. Right when he was born on 22nd January, it is the day that I was 'biologically' created. And I came to see the world 9 months and 10 days after that. Leave the countings to me sweetheart. It is logically true isn't it? I can't prove this, but I still believe on the fact that I was made for him.. And I do hope that it is the fate that Allah swt had actually created. Aminnnn...

This long long entry is specially dedicated to you my dear..

You know how much I love you. I think we both are now ready to move on to the next level of relationship. But only time that matters. I will keep praying hard for the next chapters of our love story will continue until forever. Let us put all the hard times aside, gather all the sweetest moments in one bunch, and live happily ever after. And remember, even if we are not fated to be together, please please please keep in your mind that my love for you will strongly survive till the day I close my eyes.

So, Happy 7th Year of enduring our love journey. Hope and pray for the best. With His blessings, InsyaAllah we will have chance to treasure many many more years to come. Looking forward to continue this love story for the coming years. Till then, take good care of yourself on my behalf. Looking forward to see you soon. Bye2..=))

Love from the land down under,
amri_mira, 22010211

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Preliminary: 7th Year

Dear sweetheart,

Tomorrow I'm gonna shower you with a very very long story. When I say long, I really mean it okay. It is about me and him, as tomorrow will be the day we are going to celebrate our 7th year together "virtually". I can't be there beside him, so this is the only medium that I can use to express everything. Plus I never tell you anything about me & him in details rite? Why not this time? ehehe.. So, bear to listen to the long long entry okay!!=))

p/s: Seven is only a number. For me, it is not necessary to have an anniversary to celebrate knowing that I still have him everyday is already a celebration.. Tapi kalau beliau ade same2 lagi bermakna kot. hehe..:p

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

When boredom strikes


Help!!~~ I really have no idea what I'm doing rite now. Terasa sangat lah bosan tadi. Mengantuk semua ada. Tapi takleh nak buat keja or tido. Paksa tido pun tak dapat jugak. So, when boredom struck just now, here come the results.hehehe..

Hey you!! Nak kena kidnap ke buat muka cute camtu?

Let say if you feel bored, and you have absolutely nothing/nobody with you, why not you try these games. hehe..

1) Try not to think about penguins
Benda ni sangatlah susah okay. Because by trying too much, you remember what you were trying to avoid thinking of. But if you try too little, you end up thinking about it anyway. Boleh cuba dengan menatang2 lain jugak. Takde masalah. Disebabkan I kat Aussie, I rasa penguin lah yg cute.hehe..

Nak bela sekor boleh? No? =(

2) Rate passers by
Yang ni I selalu sangat buat especially bila tengah menunggu kat airport ke mane2 ke. You can try by secretly award passers by, marks out of ten as you go along. Offering expert criticsm over their clothing, hairstyle and footwear choices. Tapi make sure you buat diam2 dalam hati lah (unsaid). Jangan pandai2 pi kritik depan muka dia. Kena tempeleng nanti jangan cari I okeh!! I takkan bertanggungjawab..:p

OMG!! That's me!! Cadangan dah makan tuan nampaknya.. T__T

3) Pretend to be a car
Ha!! yang ni macam comel gila. Nak tau camana? Make appropriate revving noises in your head as you walk along. Alaaa, yang bunyi macam kereta racing tu. Tau kan? kan? To make it more interesting, add a racing commentary as you pass strangers in the street. But mind you, I mentioned "in your head" up there. Kalau terkeluar bunyi tu kuat2, perlahan2 blah sambil buat bodo je lah kay..hehe..

Handsome nya kereta ni. Imagine that I'm in there. Cool huh!!=))

Oryte, I think that's all for now. Fikir benda mengarut macam ni pun dah dapat isi 10 minutes of my time. Yahuuuu!! Tak boring lagi dah. Suka2..lalalala~~

p/s: Obviously, these suggestions are really dumb things to do, so don't take them seriously okayyy!! Tapi kalau nak cuba pun apa salahnya. Fun what!! hehehe..=))

Friday, July 2, 2010

Gold Coast Finale: Open Activity

We didn't really have any particular plan on our 4th day in Gold Coast. It was more or less like our leisure day for the whole trip. We went out at about 2pm heading to Wet n' Wild Water World to exchange Rem's ripped new Quicksilver swimwear. And I was amazed to see how huge the world is and all the water rides are full of adventure. I'm sure that my family would love to try on all of these if they have chance to come to Gold Coast especially my beloved father. Bapak, nnt datang Gold Coast kita bole main puas2 okay!!

Wet n' Wild Water World

Then we drove to Carrara Flea Markets. It is said that the markets are a must for every Gold Coaster and visitors looking for Value for Money. However, we arrived there at almost 4pm and too bad that the stalls were all ready for closing. It's alrite. Asalkan dah dapat jejak kaki kat situ pun kira ok la. Bagi kami yg datang dari Wollongong ni, Carrara tu lebih kurang mcm Dapto market la..=))

After Carrara market, we straight away went to Harbourtown Shopping Centre. It was really huge. For those who have been to Docklands Shopping Centre in Melbourne, this place is exactly like it. You'll have chance to explore stylish designer outlets from lingerie to linen, dresses to decor, jackets to jewellary, perfume to pots, bags to books and a whole lot more. Shopping memang best, tapi malangnya amount duit dalam account tu yg tak best. So, takde la heaven sgt pegi shopping kalo takde duit berkepuk2. cuci mata aje la jawabnya.hehehe..

From there, we went back to Surfer's Paradise when Syaril decided to do Bungy jumping. Yes, he is a crazy friend of mine. We couldn't say anything except for our jaw-dropping the moment he took the biggest leap of all. I couldn't even explain the pure adrenaline rush seeing him jumping from that 40-metre height. Crazy!! After all, he really made it and we salute him for his braveness. Bravo bro!!

Then, we went on a 2-hour karaoke session at the city. Ni kes nak isi masa lapang la ni. Dah la tempat dia murah and cantik. Rasa mcm karok kat Mesia pulak. Tapi semua lagu English. Tak jumpa la lagu2 rock kapak Melayu ye kawan2. Lagu English pun kitorang belasah sampai 2 jam. kira terer la jugak tu.hehehe..:p We spent a few extra time playing pool and table soccer at the Timezone, an enermous games area. It really is one of the best outstanding indoor attraction in Surfers paradise.

Karaoke and Arcade Session

Syaril-Bungy Jumping-Adrenaline Park

Harbourtown Shopping Centre

We went back to our room feeling tired and exhausted. Did some packings for our journey back home in the next morning. We leave our accommodation at 10am and reached Coolongata Airport at 12.45pm to return our car. Our flight is scheduled to be at 3.30pm. But again, another delayed flight by tiger Airways, we departed Gold Coast at 4.20pm. Arrived at Sydney Airport around 6pm. Travelled back to Wollongong by train. A bit shocked upon arrival because of the drastic weather change. It was really warm and nice in Gold Coast. Suddenly the temperature decreased down to 5degrees in Wollongong. Freezing, chilly, windy all come in one whole package. That was how we ended our 5 days vacation. I could say that this trip is the best so far. Hope to have more pleasure trip all around Australia after this.

Gold Coast Part 3: Sea World

Our 3rd day in Gold Coast is much more relaxing compared to the previous day. I and Laili decided to enter Sea World, which is the almost complete definition of life under the sea. We arrived exactly at 12 noon and we straight away went looking for the marine attractions like rays (ikan pari), polar bear, sharks penguins and lots more.

Marine Attractions

We didn't miss the first show of the day, PIRATE UNLEASHED! The show featuring impressive acts of physical endurance, acrobatics and fun filled live action adventures of two rival Pirate Crews. Yang paling best masa aksi acrobatik dekat kapal siap dengan meriam meletup semua. Rasa mcm nak join pirate crew tu loncat tinggi2 masuk dalam laut.hehehe..

Pirate Unleashed Show

After the pirate show, we went to the Fish Detectives Sea Lion Show. We laughed along with the crowds watching the short-drama as the clever sea lions solve an environmental crime. All the sealions were just sooooo cute. Siap boleh tepuk tangan, lambai2 dekat crowd, kiss pipi orang, main kejar2 and mcm2 lagi aksi bijak. Rasa mcm nak picit2 je diorang tu tau.huhu.

Sea Lion Show

Then, we watched the best show of all, Imagine, an enchanting interactive Dolphin Show. The show is set to a series of exciting interactions, it is both educational and entertaining. we were delighted by the unique presentation starring the world's most popular marine mammals. They were amazing especially the part on how they interacted with their trainers. Very agile and grace. It made me feel like I want to be part of the trainers riding on the dolphins cruising the sea. It was just so admiring and I love the show very very much.

Dolphin Show

As usual, after completing all the shows, now time for the rides. yeehaaa!! Memandangkan Laili je yg ada dengan I kat situ, kesian dia sebab terpaksa teman naik semua rides tu. Walaupun dia sangat takut, tapi I paksa dia jugak. Sorry la babe, sian ko kene paksa naik semua tu. But they were all so fun kan? kan? hehehe..:p

Me all around Sea World

First, we rode on the Bermuda Triangle where all the guests willing to take a trip into the unknown amazing adventure ride which combines special effects and state of art technology, animatronics, lighting and fibre optic technology. Then, we went on the Jet Rescue Coaster. This one is the best!! We climbed aboard on our Jetski and zoomed around the amazing track, flying and twisting at an exhilarating 70km/hr. Then the Jetski entered the dark and dangerous blowhole cave and blast through it. Naik menda alah ni buat I putus nafas sebab tersangat lah laju. Mana nak tarik nafas lagi, jerit lagi, semua nak kena buat serentak. Tapi best!!! Kalau datang Sea World jangan lupa naik ni tau!!=))

The rides

That's all for that day. We went back spending another 2 hours inside the jacuzzi. Lepas puas berendam, balik bilik masak maggi. Makan ramai2 maggi panas tu. Memang terbaik lahh!! Kalau suruh makan maggi sorang2 memang tak layan la kan, tapi bila perut lapar, makan ramai2 rebut2, rasa sedap pulak maggi tu.hehehe. Then we went out to the city once again. Nothing much to do though. So, balik main declare sampai pagi, then pegi tengok sunrise.

Part tengok matahari naik ni yg paling best. Looking at how the sun appears above the horizon in the east, the feeling was just so fantastic. This is the point at which the sky begins to lighten, some time before the the sun itself appears, ending twilight.Lepas dah balik, apa lagi, semua org pun pengsan tak sedar diri sampai tengahari. Fuhhh!! What a very tiring day we had.

Gold Coast Part 2: Movie World

On the 2nd day, we entered our first theme park in Gold Coast, the famous Movie World. Actually, we woke up at 9am and by 10am we were ready to make a move. Tapi, menunggu manusia2 lain nak bersiap dan breakfast, we reached Movie World only at 11.30pm. A bit late for the day but thankfully we managed to cover all the interesting rides and shows. Right upon arrival, we snapped a few interesting pictures here and there and we also had chance watching the Batman Buncit show. Ye, batman tu nampak buncit. Tapi gaya haruslah mcm superhero kan. For me, no matter how buncit is the batman, it was kind of interesting show after all.

Batman Buncit Show

Then we decided to watch the next show, Hollywood Stunt Driver (HSD). OMG, this show was perfectly AMAZING!! I can't describe how awesome it was, you gotta watch the next video on your own (later, ada masalah technical uploading). Incorporating breathtaking stunts, precision driving, incredible action skills, you won't want to miss this extravaganza package!! Terbeliak bijik mata tengok actions yg selama ni dapat tgk dalam movie je, tp kali ni depan mata sendiri. Fuhhhh!! Memang terbaekkk!! If you have chance to come to Movie World, HSD is a must watch show. Don't miss it. You're not gonna regret. Trust me.
After that we went to watch fascinating Shrek 4D show. Everyone including me was feeling so anxious about the movie. We were attracted to the show that puts you in the action with hair-rising, eye-popping and butt-busting effects so real. So, with our 4D glasses on, we felt like we were part of the journey where Shrek is trying to rescue Princess Fiona.

Shrek 4D Show

After completing all the enthralling shows, now it's time for the rides. We started with the Lethal Weapon ride first. OMG, it was mad!!! really really mad!! It was the most exhilarating thrill over 765 metres of non-stop drops, dives, bends, rollovers, double spins, loops and plunges. You'll see your feet against the sky, encountering six complete upside down experiences. Ambik kau!!! nak sgt naik rides kan. Selamat tak gugur jantung kat situ. Kalau tak jenuh nak kutip balik.hehe..

Fantastic Lethal Weapon Ride

Following that thrilled Lethal Weapon ride, we thought of riding on a slightly less-thrill roller coaster. So we chose to ride on Scooby-Doo Spooky. From the outer looks, that one seems fun inspired by the Scooby-Doo film. HOWEVER, after riding on it, it was the most scariest, spookiest, spine-tingling roller-coaster EVER CREATED!! The journey is complete with laser lighting, sound and colour effects, depths, height and trickery of dimension. Memang horror. Masuk semua muka ceria, siap boleh gelak2. Tapi bila dah habis semua muka pucat lesi. Kena rehat 10minit baru dapat sambung jalan. Memang gila!!!

Scary Scooby-Doo Spooky Ride

After that, no one dared to try on the other remaining rides. Blame it on the Scooby-Doo Spooky yg jahat tu!! Tapi selain Lethal Weapon and Scooby-Doo, rides lain semua lebih kurang yg macam dekat Genting only that wih larger scale. So, takde la rasa menyesal sgt tak naik. Plus it almost time for the theme park to end it's operation, so we decided to spend the remaining time playing simple and stupid games at the arked and took a few more crazy pictures.ehehe.. Bila dah datang dengan group gila2, camni la jadinya. Semua gamba sengal2 je. But overall, Movie World memang terbaik!! Include it in your must visit list in Gold Coast okay!!=))

Me all around Movie World

We went to Surfer's paradise straight away after that. Checking on another thrill rides at the heart of the city. Yang ni lagi gila. Sumpah takkan naik sampai bila2. Sling shot, 40-metre bungy jumping and a few other super-extreme rides. Lepas dah ternganga tengok rides yg gila2 tu, we ended up playing 18-hole golf there. Fyi, that was my very first time learning on how to play golf. Best jugak rupanya pukul2 bola masuk lubang ni. Kena ada skill kalo tak sampai esok pun tak habis 18 lubang tu. Me playing?? Hancur!! Tapi ok la kot untuk 1st timer.hehe..

18-hole Golf

Lepas dah seharian main, main dan main lagi, baru teringat yg perut tak isi lagi. Semua dah mcm naga kelaparan. Nampak ape je bole telan rasanya tu. Pity my stomach. So, we decided to eat at one Korean restaurant at the city. This is another first time for me and I kind of loving it. Annyong Haseyo!! Balik Mesia nanti nak ajak Am makan Korean la pulak instead of Japanese..=))

Yummilicious Korean Cuisine

We spent some more time walking at the alive city, then we went back to our room. Mula2 ingat nak lepak2 main declare, but we felt like we were disturbing others, so we decided to go to bed. Overall, it was a very exhausting day because we spent every minute of our time wisely. Tak kasi chance punya!!hehe.. That's all for our second day. That night, everybody fall in our own deep sweet slumber..

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Gold Coast Part 1: Arrival Day

Okay, now I'm ready to describe bit by bit about my trip to Gold Coast last week. On 24th June, we started our journey as early as 6.15am from Wollongong. We arrived at the airport approximately at 8.00am to catch our 9.30am flight. Unfortunately, the flight was postponed to 10.20am. No wonder why people call Tiger Airways as the King of Delays. Selamat pegi ramai2. Kalau sorang2 boleh mati bosan tunggu kat airport tu rasanya. Because of the delayed flight, we reached Gold Coast nearly at 12noon. Lapar gile!!! You know me, makan kena on time. Kalau tak dapat, mula la perut ni tergedik-gedik menyanyi.hehe. Right after arrival, we settled everyting about our rented car, Nissan Tilda. The weather was just so perfect and there you go, a 5 days journey in Gold Coast has finally started!!=))

Muka bosan akibat Tiger Airways sengal yg suka delay

Our rented car, Nissan Tilda. (abaikan minah kepoci kat belakang tu)

Our first stop was at Kebab and Fish n Chips shop for lunch. I makan FnC yang sangat TAK SEDAP!!! Ikan dia rasa mcm tali. Grrrrr!! Selamat chips tu menyelamatkan keadaan. Kalau tak dengan tokei2 tu sekali I telan. hehe. tipu.. So, bila perut dah tak bunyi, boleh la sambung perjalanan.hehe.. We went straight away to Southport Tourist Park to check-in. The room was just "okay". Maklumla budget accommodation. As long as I could sleep, that will be good enough. Luckily the toilet is clean and situated right in front of my room. After that we went out to get some food stocks for 5 days from Australia Fair supermarket which is only 10mins drive from our place.

Kedai Fish n Chips tali. tokei hilang sebab takut kene telan.hehe..

Huge Australia Fair Shopping centre. Nak curik bawak blk Wollongong boleh?

When it comes to shopping, you may leave it to us..:p

From Australia Fair, we decided to go the nearest beach just to fill in our free time on the first day. We went to Main Beach and spend some time taking pictures there. Lepas masing2 dah menggigil sejuk, we went back to our room and we found out that the place has it's own private pool and jacuzzi. Walaupun hotel murah, bak kate Laili Hotel Ah Keong, gempak jugak la sebab ade private outdoor jacuzzi yg bole tahan best. I dengan laili masak lauk yg super-simple laju2; kobis goreng, ayam kene langgar, dan telur dadar. Lepas tu masing2 dah tak sabar nak loncat kat dalam jacuzzi yg nice n warm tu. yeeeehaaaaaa!!!

Main Beach at night. Gelap gelita. Freezing cold!!

Introducing our dishes that night. Ayam kene langgar & telur dadar. kobis goreng menyorok agaknye.

Lepas tangan semua dah kecut2, baru la teringat yg kitorang belom dinner. Luckily everything was ready. Semua dah jadi mcm singa kelaparan. Lauk tak sedap pun belasah mcm sedap.haha. Sejuk2 makan ramai2 memang best. Berselera je. Jacuzzi, done!!, Dinner, taken!! Then it's time for us to figure out how Surfer's Paradise looks like at night.