Monday, July 26, 2010

A Brand New Start

Hye sweetheart!!

So, how do you like your new appearance? It looks good, doesn't it? Cerah mata sikit I tengok. As usual, the theme of the background still has something to do with butterflies. That is what White Admiral is supposed to mean by the way. I decided to make all these changes in parallel to the start of my new semester, new hopes, new adventures, new tasks, as well as new blog layout. eh, takde kaitan!hehe..

Well dear, this is the beginning of the third semester for me. Look at how fast the time flies. I didn't even realize that I am already in my second year of PhD candidature in Uni of Wollongong. I still have plenty of things to catch up. Being too slow, I will end up not completing the tasks. Being too fast, I will damage the tasks in rush. Therefore, I will just keep my works on the track, neither too slow nor too fast. So, keep looking forward Amirah, be efficient and effective.

Look forward and focus. The secret to success.
(photo courtesy from Mick. Thanks for tagging me in this picture)

p/s: If you noticed something, one application from this page has been removed due to the unforeseen circumstances. Yes, the cbox message. Don't worry, I'll put it back once I'm sure that there will be no unwelcoming message written in there. So, as for now, no cbox message for you okay sweetie..=))

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