Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Thoughts on my 28th birthday


Salam 1 Muharram 1435 Hijrah. Alhamdulillah, jom kita pakat-pakat panjatkan kesyukuran sebab masih diberi peluang untuk hidup setahun lagi di bumi Allah swt ni. Semoga buku amalan kita sepanjang tahun lepas ditutup dengan amalan-amalan yang boleh bawak kita ke Jannah, InsyaAllah.

Alhamdulillah I celebrated my 28th birthday three days ago, November 2nd 2013. But this time, I chose to have it celebrated in a more traditional way. Traditional? Macam mana pulak tu? haha. Very easy. I ignored my so called smart phone, and let all the memories been stored only in my brain instead. :)

It was a simple, humble and yet a memorable little celebration between me and my husband on the night I turned 28yo. This is our first time celebrating birthday together though. Selama ni celebrate through phone ataupun Skype je. But this time, I have him to be the first to wish me, in real. :)

I went to bed quite early that night because of massive headache. Tetiba Am kejut suruh makan ubat. So, bila keluar je bilik dalam gelap-gelap tu, tengok ada 2 pieces of cake (or chocolate brownies to be more exact) siap lilin kat atas pinggan. Ting!!! Terus segar bugar mata hilang semua sakit kepala. Ohh la la ~~ :p

Masa nampak je cake tu tangan ni laju je terus nak capai handphone and macam biasa la, nak ambik gambar nak Instagram la kononnya. Apparently, I didn't. My heart told me to stop right there. I'm sorry my dear smart phone, this time, I chose to enjoy every minute of my birthday allll to myself. I don't need you to keep the memories for me. Next time okay? :)

So I blew the candle, and allowed myself to taste the cake even it was half past midnight already. Pastu kitorang borak-borak about life and so on sambil menghabiskan separuh dari kek tu, and then sambung tido tanpa rasa bersalahnya. Padahal baru lepas makan kek, and dalam kek ada gula. hahaha. Takpe, sekali sekala. :)

Esok siangnya, we spent the whole day chilling out together at home, keluar petang tu pegi kenduri kat Sungai petani, pastu jalan-jalan dekat Amanjaya Mall, and then malam tu balik rumah my parents lepak borak-borak kejap. I think I spent a very good quality time together with people I love around me on my birthday. In a more traditional way, can't you see it? I think I'm so blessed and I don't know what more could I ask for? ^_^

So that was it. After so many years of depending on my smart phone to keep the memories for me, whereas for this year, I manage to let only my brain to do the work. Surprisingly, it was worth the try. I enjoyed it more and I don't mind to try it again next time. :)

I am (18+10) years old this year. Eighteen with ten years of experience. :)

Friday, November 1, 2013

The eleventh month of the year


Ten precious months of 2013 have passed in the speed of the light, haven't they? And we are left with only remaining two now. I hope they are going to be awesome and meaningful as much as I always wish for. So hello November! Let's have some chit chats, shall we?

November has always been my favorite month of the year. Why? Because it is my birthday month yeay! I have experienced so many beautiful Novembers for all my life. And I bet this year would be somewhat special though. Knowing the fact that at this point in my life when I turn 28 years old, I am blessed with a husband by my side, understanding parents and parents-in-laws, beautiful families, and lovely close friends.

We surely realize that life might treat us in so many ways; laughter and tears, happiness and sadness, joy and pain. Everything will come and go without you know it, the next thing you reckon is that they were all beautiful experiences, that bring you up to the next level of life. With maturity. 

So, no matter how hard your life is treating you sometimes, just bear with that, the hardship will eventually go one day. That's what life is all about. Life is hard, life is difficult, accept that, and make it better. 

Just a quick example on how to make your life better here:

"If you want to have a perfect married life, you can't simply turn your spouse to be someone that you wish them to be. You need to change yourself into an ideal spouse instead."

Live, Laugh and Love.. That's how we wish we could spend our life growing old together.