Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Mini honeymoon in Cameron Highlands


Hai semua! Saje update sikit hari ni because I'm gonna be absent again for at least one week. Well, me and my husband are going for a short getaway for a couple of days. And then we will attend a wedding at Putrajaya (my husband's cousin is getting married) before going back to Melaka for General Election this coming weekend.

Without us realizing, it has been a month after our big day, and life has been very very hectic since then. Serious, rasa macam takde sehari pun lagi yang kitorang duduk rumah, do nothing but just enjoy our quality time together. Weekdays kerja, weekend pulak memanjang ada aktiviti. Routine yang sama berulang-ulang for the past few weeks.

So, we decided to take a short break from this never ending hectic life, heading to a place where we can spend our quality time together. Just us. Enjoying the scenic beauty and cooler climate. Dengan cuaca yang panas melampau sekarang ni, nampak sangat dua-dua orang dah rindu the four season countries that we have been living for quite some time. I really really miss Australian weather, no doubt, and I bet my husband misses European weather more.

In order to get something similar, so let's go to Cameron Highland!! I know the weather is not as pleasant as it used to be these days, but at least it is a lot cooler than any other states in Peninsular Malaysia right? Jadiklah tu daripada takde langsung. haha. Plus it has been sooo long since I last went to that place, so I am all excited. Ohh well, to tell you the truth, asalkan namanya holiday, walaupun tidoq satu malam dekat Seri Malaysia Kepala Batas kat depan ni pun I tetap akan excited. kahkahkah. :p

We decided to stay at the highest peak in Cameron Highland.
Dengan harapan paling sejuk dekat situ. hehehe. :p
[photo courtesy]

Ok lah, I think I better get going now. Nak pergi Sunway Carnival Mall jap to get myself  a pair of descent sandals or wedges for the wedding. Selama ni semua haku belasah pakai selipar gabak Fitflop tu. Huduh sangat rupanya bila pakai dengan baju kurung. T___T Bila Encik Suami bagi green light suruh beli satu kasut baru, daku pun senyum sampai ke telinga lah. hahaha. Dasar naluri perempuan. :p

Monday, April 29, 2013

Orked Basyeerah Binti Muhammad Hanif

Assalamualaikum semua!

I know many of you have already got the experience of being an aunt or uncle right? Me? This is my first time. hehe. Sebelum ni ada la anak cousins la apa la kan, but this time around, I've got my own anak buah yeayy!! Seronok rupanya jadi makcik ni kan? Ni baru dapat anak buah dah excited camni, kalau dapat anak sendiri nanti mesti laaaagi best kan kan? Doa-doakan la I dengan suami dimurahkan rezeki cepat-cepat ye? :)

So anyway, my brother and his wife just welcomed their first born on Friday, April 26th 2013 at around 12.20 noon. To make it more interesting, this little baby girl shares her birth date with her grandmother. So, orang yang paling happy mestilah mak sebab dapat hadiah birthday sorang cucu. Cucu sulung pulak tu. I can see how sparkling my mom's eyes every time she has Orked hugged tightly to her chest.

Orked Basyeerah Binti Muhammad Hanif

Ohh, they decided to name their daughter as Orked Basyeerah that means "Orked yang menyampaikan khabar gembira". Klasik kan nama Orked tu? Tak penah lagi dengar nama klasik macam Orked, Mawar, Anggerik or nama-nama bunga lain dah zaman sekarang ni. Budak-budak sekarang nama bukan main moden lagi. Nak pronounce pun payah bukan main, nak eja apatah lagi. hehe. 

Welcoming the new princess of the family.
Our latest addiction. The center of attention. 

Harapnya our Orked akan membesar sebagai seorang wanita yang solehah, yang sentiasa taat dengan perintah Allah, Rasul dan ibu bapa. As beautiful as her name is, we hope she grows up to bring more and more good news to her little family and her extended family at the same time. Mana tau nanti rumah abang sentiasa penuh dengan bunga orked dek kena tanam dengan Orked Basyeerah. hehe.

Orked with her Pakngah and Makngah.
Anyway, kalau sebelah husband I, we are Pak Uda and Mak Uda. ;)

Okay, I guess that's it for the latest update in my life currently. Asyik dok tengok video orked je ulang-ulang sebab I masih dalam mood Makngah lagi sekarang ni. hehe. Maklumla orag jakun pestime dapat anak buah memang camni kot. Selagi semua pakcik and makcik orang belom dapat anak sendiri nasib kamu la ye Orked asyik kena gomol je. Mohon Orked tabah. hihihi. :p

Monday, April 22, 2013

I am happily married to the man I have loved all the time


How are you my beloved readers? Emm.. taktau nak mula dari mana. Terasa kekok sikit nak bercerita sebab dah lama sangat tak menulis. I guess many of you have reckoned my absence in this blogging life for more than a month huh? So now I'm back to tell you updates about me and what is happening around White Admiral's world. :)

In my previous entry, I ada cakap impian I untuk jadi effortlessly beautiful bride on my wedding day kan? Well, just so you know it, Alhamdulillah, semua majlis berjalan lancar, and I feel like I have gone through a very blessed and eventful family and friends gathering during all the ceremonies.

Everything started with the Akad Nikah Ceremony on Friday, 29th March 2013, when I was officially declared as Faizal Amri's wife at 10.30am. It was short, simple but totally meaningful moment for both of us. My life has changed the instant my fiance (who is my husband now) stated a single statement 

"Aku terima nikah, Amirah binti Azmi dengan mas kahwinnya seutas rantai tangan emas, tunai". 

I felt like all the tightness in my chest blown quickly in the air. I gasped, I cried, and then I felt relieved. Totally relieved. :')

He's the man. And my Jannah now lies under his feet.
[photo courtesy Ein

Sneak peak from my official photographer.
[Nurul Anwar]

Hari keesokannya, 30th March 2013, telah berlangsung majlis resepsi untuk meraikan keluarga dan kawan-kawan sebelah pengantin perempuan. It was held at Dewan Kompleks Sukan MPSP Bertam, Kepala Batas. It was by far the most meaningful day for me as everything that I ever dream of has taken its place like how I imagine it to be. I always wanted a simple but significant wedding ceremony in my life, and with the help from my beloved parents, siblings, families and friends, I guess I have got it all. Thank you so much everybody for making my dreams come true. Terharu. :')

Outdoor session.
[Nurul Anwar]

Current family members. I love them to the infinity.
[photo courtesy Syaza (cousin)]

After 2 weeks, kami sebagai pengantin baru meraikan family and friends di sebelah pengantin lelaki dalam majlis resepsi di Jasin, Melaka. And to tell you truth, everything about the ceremony is very very beautiful. From the choice of bridal outfits, bridal room, pelamin, meja pengantin, to the little gifts for the guests, everything there is pleasant to my eyes. I have no idea how to express my feelings, but I think I'm the luckiest girl in the world for the chance to marry my husband and to welcome his family into my life. They are not only my family in laws, they will always be my family di dunia dan akhirat. That's for sure. :')

Pengantin with parents from both sides.
[photo courtesy Matki]

My in laws. My new extended family.
[photo courtesy Matki]

So I think these are basically all the important details I could tell about my current life. I'm now happily and blissfully married to the man who is so much more to my dream guy. I can't deny that the new relationship has flaws here and there, but when we make up after every fight (little fight of course :)), that's the sweetest thing ever happen and you can never express how wonderful the feeling is. Get married fast if you want to experience it. :p

Dear husband, I will stand beside you and be your strength through eternity and beyond.
[photo courtesy Matki

You can visit the official photographers' Facebook accounts for more updates about the photos. Will share it here when everything is ready. Till then, tata. :)