Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Beautiful Reminder

Hello sweetheart!!

I'm back!! Been here since last Monday. Damn tired. I wanna tell you everything about the GC trip but too bad I'm still not in the perfect mood to deliver every single thing to you in a correct way. Give me sometime okay. I'll try to make you feel like we were together in the vacation..=))

Anyhow, I received a reminder from my ex-supervisor in UTM, Prof Dr Ong Chee Tiong. And I took it as a beautiful reminder for me. I've known him since I first started my undergraduate studies in UTM and I worked under his supervision for Master's Degree for one and and a half year. He taught me so many things and also one of the most important person who supported me since I started learning from basically nothing until today. We still keep each other in contact especially thru emails and also FB. (ya, beliau sangat aktif ber FB tau. tp untuk benda2 penting saja lah. bukan ber FB mcm yg saya buat tu.hehe). And this morning, I received this message from him.

Hi Amirah;

Nampaknya seronok... selalu berjalan..... hati-hati... fokus utama ... belajar... selesaikan PhD... buat paper dalam journal ternama... berimpak tinggi.... (sorry tua...) Remember what I told you about what is your important things to do or your Priority task?
Bye...Take Care...Keep in touch...

Thanks heaps for the reminder Dr Ong. Rasa terharu sebab beliau sentiasa sokong saya dari zaman kanak2 sampai la sekarang. Beliau tak penah lupa ingatkan saya tentang kepentingan fokus masa belajar.

Dr Ong Chee Tiong. Copy gambar dari FB.hehehe..=))

p/s: This is the risk of doing PhD that you have to undergo. Nobody is there to ask you to do this or that. You have to stand on your own. And I'm glad that I actually have Dr Ong watching me from far and keep reminding me sometimes in while.. Lucky Amirah!!=))

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Good News VS Bad News

Yuuhuuuu!! Anybody home??

Okay, I'm still here. Dropping by to say a few words before I would temporarily be gone for 5 days. I don't know how much you're going to miss me. This much?? Or theeeeeessseeeee much?? Or not at all?? Dushh!! Amik ni. Pukul sekali kat bontot. Biase tu ye.. Tak reti2 nak rindu saye ye. Hehe. Okay, mengarut!

Now back to the point. How much do you enjoy listening to good news? For me, good news has the ability to lighten our worries or sometimes makes us feel free from a heavy burden. True isn't it? Ha, you must have come to a situation when somebody said, "Listen, I have 2 things to tell ya. One is good while another is not so good. Which one do you wanna listen first?". If you are at this point, which one would you choose? Ha?? susah tak nak jawab soalan ni? Macam soalan AddMaths SPM pulak.hehehe. If I was there, I will say, "Tell me the good news and please forget the other one, I don't give it a damn!!".

Posto! Posto! Sekarang banyak dapat good news orang nak kawen je.hehe..

Erkk?? Bole ke jawab camtu je?? Of course not. Buat la. Pastu dapat capati free. Capati tu ape? Ayooo.. Sapa yg penah rasa je tau capati tu apa. Capati tu adalah pelempang hebat yg hinggap kat pipi menggunakan kedua-dua belah tangan yang kuasanya hanya dimiliki oleh cikgu saya yg bernama Teacher Letchumi. Ha, nak tau hebat tak hebat? Cuba la tak buat homework English masa form 1. Esok pagi datang sekolah mesti dapat pekena capati. Macam mana saya tau? Sebab saya dah penah rasa capati tu la. Akibat malas (atau bahasa sopannya terlupa) buat homework English. Hahaha. Bikin malu saja kamu ni ye Amirah. Pengalaman. Dah kena sekali, lepas tu taubat taknak makan capati Teacher Letchumi lagi dah. Sumpah tak sedap!! Okay, melalut lagi nampaknya.

Kalau capati ni, belanja hari2 pun saya rela. Pelita ohh pelita.

Get back to my question just now. I will normally request for the good news first. Why? because I don't want to spoil the pleasant happy mood the moment I listen to something that is worth to smile or laugh for. I loveeeee listening to good news. Really!! No matter what they are. Tell me. You wanna get married? You got pomoted? You bought new dresses? You're coming over? You're gonna get a new baby? Just tell me EVERYTHING. I will listen. And share the happiness with you. Lepas dah puas2 gelak, then only I will reluctantly ask for the not-so-good news. This time I will listen too. If it is worth crying, let's do it together. If we need to go somewhere peace and calm, let's go to the beach. Ocean breeze would definitely assuage the intense in your head. Believe me.

So, these are the answers from me. No matter how good or bad things are, face them with strength. And keep on praying hard, seeking help from the Almighty would be the best option after all. Cause He knows them all.

p/s: I have two things to tell you. One is good and another one is not so good. You have to listen to both. Good news; I'm going for a holiday. Bad news; Balik holiday nanti saya akan jadi robot. (tapi robot yang pandai makan la). Too much things to do. Okay, that's all for now. Till the next hello from me. Bye2!! Assalamualaikum.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Gold Coast Voyage


I'm already in my holiday mood now. The Gold Coast (GC) trip is not going to start only until Thursday. But here I am, wasting my time like I have nothing to do at all. No! No! A big no! Plenty of works to do. Tonnes of reading to be made. Everything seems trying to be on top of each other hunting for my attention. And they actually got nothing from me. Too bad. I know that there's nothing more frightful than ignorance in action. If you don't do it now, you are surely going to regret later. Ok ok, dah kena ceramah untuk diri sendiri hari ni. Sila insaf!

But give me a moment. A bit highlight on my GC expedition. It will be a 5 days 4 nights pleasure trip. (I hope). My flight from Sydney will be on Thursday morning. And I will only come back on Monday evening. Meaning that I'll be away from you for 5 days. Too long to be true isn't it? But what to do. Just wait til the day I arrive and I'm gonna share everything with you okay.

Seaworld and Movie World. Here I come!!

Here's a little info about my accommodation there. We are going to stay at Southport Tourist Park (Budget Accommodation) which is said to be near to everything. We paid $101/per person for 5 days. And I hope it is going to be comfortable enough. Comfortable in a sense of good room service, complete basic utilities and helpful staffs. Btw, we call this trip as "Percutian Bajet". Expenses must not exceed AUD500. Bole ke? Let's give a try!!=))

Southport Tourist Park. Our Budget Accommodation.

p/s: Kalau bajet nak duduk hotel mahal2, service nak first class, sila pergi main jauh2. Jangan pergi jalan2 dengan saya. Yang lain semua saya tak kisah, asalkan toilet bersih.hehehe.. Lagi satu, jangan toilet nun jauh kat dalam semak sudah la. Yang tu saya takut. Siap la kau kena teman pulak nanti. Nak backpacking, buat cara backpacking. Kalau nak sedap2 duduk dalam hotel mewah, sila organize trip sendiri or, tunggu honeymoon je lah..hehe. Ok, take note!!:p

Saturday, June 19, 2010


Dear diary,

I talked to my mum through skype for two hours just now. Ambik kau!! Balas dendam lepas 2 minggu tak skype. Tapi phone call hampir setiap hari la. Our conversation covered from the smallest until the biggest things that happened around us. Ahhh!! Rindunya nak duduk borak dgn mak macam dulu2. We can talk for a few hours about everything without noticing how fast the time flies. That is how close me and my mother is. Rindu..rindu..rindu..=(

Out of other things that we discussed just now, I want to highlight about something here. Having the experience of buying a new property made me learn about so many things. I never knew that buying a house could cost me quite a fortune. Despite paying for the original price, we need to have at least a few extra thousands RM to compensate tedious things like insurance, lawyers & agreement, electricity & water, simple renovation, and basic utilities. It costs me more than 10K for all the extras. Gosh!! I thought buying a house is trouble-free. Now I know that it is not that easy though.

Primrose, Bertam Perdana, Phase 3, Kepala Batas, Penang

Floor plan of my house

I'm sure that you have no idea on what I'm rambling about rite? Sorry about that. Okay, let me explain. I bought a house in Bertam Perdana, Kepala Batas, Penang since 2years ago. A single-storey-terraced house. Alhamdulillah, it is now ready for a living. Actually, I don't have plan to stay there. It is just as an asset for my future and the house is meant for rental. I bought it at the price of RM138K for 25years of loan. I started paying my housing loan at the age of 23. Meaning that I'll do the payment until I'm 48years old. Hahahaha. Gila!! Silap-silap dah anak 6 dah masa tu tapi rumah dok tak habis bayar lagi. Tapi apa nak buat kan. Kalau tak beli sekarang, bila lagi? huhu..

I choose simple design like this and it costs me around RM3K for the complete set. Crazy!

For those who have plan to buy a new house, once you obtain your house key, please prepare at least RM3000 to pay your lawyer who's going to manage everything about your housing loan. Then, you require at least RM2000 for housing insurance. You also need to pay for the electricity and water which will cost around RM1000. For a simple renovation like grills (main and back doors, window, sliding doors), lamps, fans and a few other things, they will cost you around RM3-5000. Look at how much you have to pay for simple and basic things like these. And there goes my RM10K. Total disaster!! Garu kepala jugak bila dengar mak cakap harga semua ni. Mana nak cekau duit?? Uwaaaa!! Alamatnya habis la duit dalam tabung badak saye yg tak berapa nak gemok tu..=((

HOWEVER, I felt so relief cause I don't need to pay all these in one whole bunch. Thanks to my mum for making my life easier. She already paid half of the amount and I'll pay the rest. Then I'll do the payment to her every month. Haruslah bayar balik, mana bole free je amik duit mak okay. Phewwww!! Lega gila dengar bila mak offer nak tolong bayar dulu. Terima kasih mak sebab tolong Mirah. Kalau tak mesti Mirah terkontang-kanting taktau nak buat apa pasal nak beli rumah ni. Maklumla budak lagi. Huhu.. When I came to think about this, I'm so grateful to have a mother who works in banking area. So, she knows exactly how to handle financial things like this. Thanks heaps Mak!! I love you..=))

p/s: Alhamdulillah dah ada orang nak sewa rumah tu. Ringan sikit beban nak bayar hutang tiap2 bulan. Susah rupanya proses beli rumah ni. huhu. If you have chance, start buying property at your young age okay. Treat it as an asset. The price increases every year. You are not going to regret. trust me!!=))

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Mental Conversation

Assalamualaikum Encik Diari,

I have something on my mind rite now. But I don't know how to spill the guts here. Failure in expressing thoughts happens all the time I guess. This is the point where everybody starts to have mental conversation with him/her self. Ha, one more thing, I noticed that journaling seems to be the most popular technique for becoming conscious of our self-talk at the moment. So, I'm on the right track I suppose!!=))

One thing that I like about self-talking, I can simply change the thing I say to myself into something that I'd like to believe that would make me feel better. Interesting rite?? hehe.. I believe that we can always try do as much as we can on our own. But remember, if you run into painful things, find somebody to talk to okay. Cause you can't change EVERYTHING on your own.

I think it's alrite if we want to talk to ourself. If others think you are nuts because you talk to yourself, perhaps it would be good if you have the internal dialogue more quietly. Senang cerita, jangan cakap kuat2 lah. Cuak gak kalo lalu sebelah orang yg tgh cakap sorang2. Silap haribulan free je kene hentak baru padan muka.. hehe..

Kalau nampak orang jalan pakai t-shirt camni, sila jalan jauh2 sikit okay..:p

p/s: Cukupppp Amirah!! Cukup untuk serious-talk buat hari ni. Benda lain yg nak cakap, benda lain pulak yg terkeluar. hahaha.. Sudah, pegi buat keja balik. Nanti datang balik cakap pasal benda yg happy pulak okay!!=))

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Mindset of Problems

Dear diary,

I bumped into a colleague at the restroom just now. As usual, we talked about each other's progress as we enrolled together in Spring 2009 intake. I told her about how hard things have gotten on me. And she told me the same thing. I like about something she said just now.

"It is alrite if we're having problem while doing our research cause it shows that we're at least working on something. It is much better than not having problem at all seeing that as we're not working on anything."

I wish I can always be positive like this

p/s: Thanks for all the comforting words Kak Endah. But I still feel like I'm not progressing much this semester. Hope things gonna be much better after this.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Queen's Birthday

Good Day Sweetheart!!

I just got back from Wollongong Harbour and Lighthouse. Phewwww!! After about a few months. Emm, let me recall, the very last time I actually went there for the intention of taking pictures was about 9 months back. And today I did it again. It was real fun!!

Well, of course I went there for a reason. I'm still not out of my mind to go to the beach so early in the morning like today without any good point.hehe. Actually, Laili's friends came from Canberra. Kali ni orang lain. Bukan Kak Zura yg datang masa kitorang pegi Pebbly Beach dulu tu. I took over Laili's place to entertain them as she's not around.

Meet my new friends; G-ar & Aisyah

Even I have been to the beach for quite a number of times, the feeling of excitement everytime I stand in front of the lighthouse, looking at the spectacular view of the open sea is always there. I can't deny that Wollongong is very beautiful indeed.

Bersantai dekat lighthouse

Look at the view. This is Wollongong Harbour people

Another rock-pool at Wollongong beach

Owh, not forgetting, we went to UOW as well. One of them is an ex-UOW-student, so she wanted to see how much differ UOW from the one right before she left. Of course there's nothing much dear. You only left UOW like less than a year ago. Come back after 10years, I wonder wether or not we know how to find our way in this uni.hehe..

I'm the current student and she's an ex-student.

p/s: After almost a year, I started to fall in love with Wollongong bit by bit now. Out of other places, I think, it has it's own trademark that nobody can simply forget. Tapi saya tetap nak balik Malaysia for good okay. Tamau dok sini. Tamau!! Btw, today is actually a public holiday here. Hmm, patut la takde orang merayau2 dekat uni ni. So, Happy Birthday Queen!!=))

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Hanya Ingin Kau Tahu

Dear diary,

Here's another beautiful song that I used to love a few years ago.. Listening to a song, and remembering all the memories that go with it is incalculably beyond price. Well, I love this song because of it's comforting melody that touches the soul. Enjoy listening to this soothing mantra okay dear. You'll know it why do I really love this piece.

Repvblik - Hanya Ingin Kau Tahu

Ku telah miliki
Rasa indahnya perihku
Rasa hancurnya harapku
Kau lepas cintaku

Rasakan abadi
Sekalipun kau mengerti
Sekalipun kau fahami
Ku fikir ku salah mengertimu

Aku hanya ingin kau tahu
Besarnya cintaku
Tingginya khayalku bersamamu

Tuk lalui waktu yang tersisa kini
Di setiap hariku
Di sisa akhir nafas hidupku

Walaupun semua hanya ada dalam mimpiku
Hanya ada dalam anganku
Melewati hidup

Rasakan abadi
Sekalipun kau mengerti
Sekalipun kau fahami
Ku fikir ku salah mengertimu

Aku hanya ingin kau tahu
Besarnya cintaku
Tingginya khayalku bersamamu

Tuk lalui waktu yang tersisa kini
Di setiap hariku
Di sisa akhir nafas hidupku

p/s: Sometimes we remember because our memories have been triggered by a favourite song or tune. This is how we could retrieve all the significant events that ever happen in our life.. Thanks for cherishing all the sweet memories dear..=))

Monday, June 7, 2010

Don't panic


I talked to my mum just now. After about..errr.. 3 days of not talking to her I guess. Biasanya hampir tiap2 hari ckp, tp sebab mak ada attend ESQ, tak bole la nak kacau. huhu.. Owh, I miss everybody at home. I really2 do. Hearing everybody is doing good makes me extremely happy. But the feeling of jealousy is automatically developed whenever I heard them having fun together. Jeles sebab I takde kat tempat kejadian. Hehe.. Ntah pape je kamu ni Amirah. Macam budak2 okey!! Tapi tak kira, nak jeles jugak..=(

I reckon how time flies very fast. It is almost a year now. I'm emotionally stable already. But the fact that I still don't like the feeling of being away from my loved ones is still there. Takpe2, sabar sikit je lagi kay. Nanti kan dah nak balik. 2 kali lagi pulak tu.. Absence makes the heart grow fonder, remember?

Okay, now stop all the gloomy miserable parts. Cheer up!! I've got tonnes of things to do at the moment. I think I have to start making lists again. I haven't had to do that for a while- Okay, I haven't done it for AGES. I'm starting to feel the pressure. Gosh!! The panicky busy feeling is now return. Cool down.. cool down..

Well, here's another thing that I wanna share with you. If you are having conversation with a PhD student, please avoid these following questions okay!! Kind of funny though. But somehow I could say that they are particularly true. Bukannya apa, terasa ooo bila sedar diri tak progress macamana yg orang harapkan. huhu.. Tapi nak buat cmana, hidup ni kan ada ups and downs. Ececeh!! Pandai la bg alasan kamu ni Amirah.hehe.. So, check this out!!:p

p/s: But sometimes I do need somebody to ask me all these questions. Kalo tak, sampai bila la tak sedar diri. Tapi kalo tanya lebih2, ada yg kena ketuk gak karang. Mind you!! Tapi sesungguhnya kalo kena ketuk memang sy tak sengaje. Luar kawalan diri. hehehe..:p :p

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Kaspersky ohh Kaspersky

Hey you Mr Chronicle..

I just completed installing Kaspersky Internet Security 2010. Pheww!! What a relief. Hopefully my dear handsome lappy is fully protected for another 365 days from now. Hey, it is very important for us to get things updated especially if you are one devoted internet user... like me! I use internet at all time; work, shop, bank, or even play online! So, you need something like this as a shield for a safe and secure internet experience.

Kaspersky Internet Security 2010.

You know what, saya ni memang tersangat lah lembab dalam bab-bab komputer ni. I'm totally not a computer freak!! My computers are just for me to do my mathematical programming and connect me to the world using internet. That's all!! Jangan suruh I godek-godek komputer tu, lain yang jadi nanti I tak jamin okay! So, in this case, I depended a lot on Mr Bf. Dari zaman kecik-kecik lagi tau. (Hang on, kecik la sangat kan masa buat degree dulu. haha.. Perasan!). Yeah, sometimes I think he's getting sick of me being like this. Pemalas sangat nak amik tau!! Semua nak harapkan dia je. But I told him, this is why I have him with me. To comprehend all my weaknesses and help me to get over them. Betol kan?? hehe.. Bodek!!:p

But, don't you worry dear. I'll try to learn bit by bit okay. Saya mmg slow la bab-bab ni. Cuba awak suruh saya makan, mesti blom sempat awak habiskan ayat, saya dah habiskan makan dgn semangatnye. Sebab yang tu memang saya pandai..:p Ok2, kidding!! I need to learn more about everything in life. Being a doctorate student doesn't mean that I know about EVERY SINGLE THING. NO!! Banyak lagi benda yang saya kena belajar dalam hidup ni. And I'll slowly gain all that through my experience in life. Do help me okay!!=))

p/s: Dear Big Bos, thanks for all the trouble in getting me this new antivirus. I really appreciate your help. Saya rasa sampai bile2 pun saya tetap akan susahkan awak la sayang. Kene marah pun takpe la. I'm mentally prepared!! Hehe..:p

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Char Kuey Teow

Ada sapa-sapa nak bukak stall Char Kuey Teow (CKT) kat sini????

Tolong la..tolong la.. I just need one full plate of this signature dish of my beloved hometown, Penang!! Then I'll stop bothering you. I Promise!! I'm craving for one rite now. Me did my own?? Nahhh. Baik beli je sepinggan besar RM4.00. makan puas-puas. kalo tak cukup bole tambah lagi sepinggan kecik..:p

Saya rindu kamu la budak kecik!!
(photo courtesy

For those who never tried one, go get it now!! It is a wonder. Trust me!! Hehehe.. Promote gila2 nampak.. Tapi btol la.. I miss all those delicious Malaysian foods. Especially budak kecik CKT nie. Jahat tau!! What makes this budak kecik so yummie??? Kerang dan udang fresh yg tergolek-golek, taugeh & sayur kucai yg main sorok-sorok kat celah kuey teow, kuah banjir pekat2.. Gosh!!! Bole balik jap tak malam ni nak mkn kat Permatang Pauh? I promise lepas makan I terus naik last flight balik Wollongong..:p

p/s: Okay, please stop all this nonsense Amirah. Pinch your nose!! Ingat awak tu ade kat mane. Be good! Ok?? Baiklah... =( Ni la akibatnye kalo stress masa buat keja. Saya akan mula google benda yg bukan2 mcm ni la..makanan ohh makanan.. come to me baby.. :p :p

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Balik Kampung Part 2

Dear diary,

I told you that I'm going back to Malaysia in September for Hari Raya like only a week ago rite? And here I am again, telling you about another balik kampung trip. teeheee..:p And this time in November. Can't wait!! The e-ticket is already in my hand now. Just need to wait for the time to come..=))


SYDNEY-KL (Malaysia Airlines)
Date : 9th November 2010
Depart : 3.40pm
Arrive : 8.50pm

KL-SYDNEY (Malaysia Airlines)
Date : 27th November 2010
Depart : 10.10pm
Arrive : 9.00am (+1)

Sebenarnya, dah lama I berkira-kira nak beli tiket untuk balik masa wedding abang ni. I did the ticket hunting since like a few months ago. Tapi tiket mahal gila!! Paling murah kalau naik MAS pun AUD1100. Even low cost flight like AirAsia could cost me around AUD900 for a return ticket. Woohooo!! Saya memang tak mampu. Sebab masa tu dah start peak season end year holiday.

But then, somebody told me about the MAS offer in which I could get a return ticket for only AUD700. Hahhh!! Apa lagi?? Terus la booking. Mula-mula plan kononnye nak balik 2minggu je. Tapi, bila tengah syok2 booking, dengan "tak sengaje" I pilih untuk balik 3 minggu. hahahaha. Nasib kamu la Amirah. Prepare la nak meng"ayat" supervisor cemane nanti yek.

Kudos to MAS!! I love you.hehe..:p

Owh, fyi, the ticket has been sponsored by my big brother. Yeah, the one who's getting married. Dear abang, thanks heaps for the tickets for me to be at your wedding. Really appreciate this. Adik tak payah transit kat Melbie kalo naik MAS. Yahuuuu!!! Nanti adik belanja abang okay. Emporio Armani Diamonds gift set for both you and Mai for the hantaran!!=))

p/s: For those yang ade plan nak datang jalan2 Aussie hujung tahun ni, bole check website MAS kat special offers, ada banyak trip ke Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Brisbane, Gold Coast etc.. cepat2!! offer valid sampai 19th June!!. Ish, dah macam promoter pulak. takpe, sebab I dah dapat my ticket, then bole promote kat org lain. Sharing is caring!!hehehe..