Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Mindset of Problems

Dear diary,

I bumped into a colleague at the restroom just now. As usual, we talked about each other's progress as we enrolled together in Spring 2009 intake. I told her about how hard things have gotten on me. And she told me the same thing. I like about something she said just now.

"It is alrite if we're having problem while doing our research cause it shows that we're at least working on something. It is much better than not having problem at all seeing that as we're not working on anything."

I wish I can always be positive like this

p/s: Thanks for all the comforting words Kak Endah. But I still feel like I'm not progressing much this semester. Hope things gonna be much better after this.


MHazrat said...

ganbate neh!!!! chaiyok3....

amirah said...

Thank you!!!It means a lot..=))