Monday, June 7, 2010

Don't panic


I talked to my mum just now. After about..errr.. 3 days of not talking to her I guess. Biasanya hampir tiap2 hari ckp, tp sebab mak ada attend ESQ, tak bole la nak kacau. huhu.. Owh, I miss everybody at home. I really2 do. Hearing everybody is doing good makes me extremely happy. But the feeling of jealousy is automatically developed whenever I heard them having fun together. Jeles sebab I takde kat tempat kejadian. Hehe.. Ntah pape je kamu ni Amirah. Macam budak2 okey!! Tapi tak kira, nak jeles jugak..=(

I reckon how time flies very fast. It is almost a year now. I'm emotionally stable already. But the fact that I still don't like the feeling of being away from my loved ones is still there. Takpe2, sabar sikit je lagi kay. Nanti kan dah nak balik. 2 kali lagi pulak tu.. Absence makes the heart grow fonder, remember?

Okay, now stop all the gloomy miserable parts. Cheer up!! I've got tonnes of things to do at the moment. I think I have to start making lists again. I haven't had to do that for a while- Okay, I haven't done it for AGES. I'm starting to feel the pressure. Gosh!! The panicky busy feeling is now return. Cool down.. cool down..

Well, here's another thing that I wanna share with you. If you are having conversation with a PhD student, please avoid these following questions okay!! Kind of funny though. But somehow I could say that they are particularly true. Bukannya apa, terasa ooo bila sedar diri tak progress macamana yg orang harapkan. huhu.. Tapi nak buat cmana, hidup ni kan ada ups and downs. Ececeh!! Pandai la bg alasan kamu ni Amirah.hehe.. So, check this out!!:p

p/s: But sometimes I do need somebody to ask me all these questions. Kalo tak, sampai bila la tak sedar diri. Tapi kalo tanya lebih2, ada yg kena ketuk gak karang. Mind you!! Tapi sesungguhnya kalo kena ketuk memang sy tak sengaje. Luar kawalan diri. hehehe..:p :p

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