Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Gold Coast Voyage


I'm already in my holiday mood now. The Gold Coast (GC) trip is not going to start only until Thursday. But here I am, wasting my time like I have nothing to do at all. No! No! A big no! Plenty of works to do. Tonnes of reading to be made. Everything seems trying to be on top of each other hunting for my attention. And they actually got nothing from me. Too bad. I know that there's nothing more frightful than ignorance in action. If you don't do it now, you are surely going to regret later. Ok ok, dah kena ceramah untuk diri sendiri hari ni. Sila insaf!

But give me a moment. A bit highlight on my GC expedition. It will be a 5 days 4 nights pleasure trip. (I hope). My flight from Sydney will be on Thursday morning. And I will only come back on Monday evening. Meaning that I'll be away from you for 5 days. Too long to be true isn't it? But what to do. Just wait til the day I arrive and I'm gonna share everything with you okay.

Seaworld and Movie World. Here I come!!

Here's a little info about my accommodation there. We are going to stay at Southport Tourist Park (Budget Accommodation) which is said to be near to everything. We paid $101/per person for 5 days. And I hope it is going to be comfortable enough. Comfortable in a sense of good room service, complete basic utilities and helpful staffs. Btw, we call this trip as "Percutian Bajet". Expenses must not exceed AUD500. Bole ke? Let's give a try!!=))

Southport Tourist Park. Our Budget Accommodation.

p/s: Kalau bajet nak duduk hotel mahal2, service nak first class, sila pergi main jauh2. Jangan pergi jalan2 dengan saya. Yang lain semua saya tak kisah, asalkan toilet bersih.hehehe.. Lagi satu, jangan toilet nun jauh kat dalam semak sudah la. Yang tu saya takut. Siap la kau kena teman pulak nanti. Nak backpacking, buat cara backpacking. Kalau nak sedap2 duduk dalam hotel mewah, sila organize trip sendiri or, tunggu honeymoon je lah..hehe. Ok, take note!!:p

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