Monday, June 14, 2010

Queen's Birthday

Good Day Sweetheart!!

I just got back from Wollongong Harbour and Lighthouse. Phewwww!! After about a few months. Emm, let me recall, the very last time I actually went there for the intention of taking pictures was about 9 months back. And today I did it again. It was real fun!!

Well, of course I went there for a reason. I'm still not out of my mind to go to the beach so early in the morning like today without any good point.hehe. Actually, Laili's friends came from Canberra. Kali ni orang lain. Bukan Kak Zura yg datang masa kitorang pegi Pebbly Beach dulu tu. I took over Laili's place to entertain them as she's not around.

Meet my new friends; G-ar & Aisyah

Even I have been to the beach for quite a number of times, the feeling of excitement everytime I stand in front of the lighthouse, looking at the spectacular view of the open sea is always there. I can't deny that Wollongong is very beautiful indeed.

Bersantai dekat lighthouse

Look at the view. This is Wollongong Harbour people

Another rock-pool at Wollongong beach

Owh, not forgetting, we went to UOW as well. One of them is an ex-UOW-student, so she wanted to see how much differ UOW from the one right before she left. Of course there's nothing much dear. You only left UOW like less than a year ago. Come back after 10years, I wonder wether or not we know how to find our way in this uni.hehe..

I'm the current student and she's an ex-student.

p/s: After almost a year, I started to fall in love with Wollongong bit by bit now. Out of other places, I think, it has it's own trademark that nobody can simply forget. Tapi saya tetap nak balik Malaysia for good okay. Tamau dok sini. Tamau!! Btw, today is actually a public holiday here. Hmm, patut la takde orang merayau2 dekat uni ni. So, Happy Birthday Queen!!=))

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