Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Beautiful Reminder

Hello sweetheart!!

I'm back!! Been here since last Monday. Damn tired. I wanna tell you everything about the GC trip but too bad I'm still not in the perfect mood to deliver every single thing to you in a correct way. Give me sometime okay. I'll try to make you feel like we were together in the vacation..=))

Anyhow, I received a reminder from my ex-supervisor in UTM, Prof Dr Ong Chee Tiong. And I took it as a beautiful reminder for me. I've known him since I first started my undergraduate studies in UTM and I worked under his supervision for Master's Degree for one and and a half year. He taught me so many things and also one of the most important person who supported me since I started learning from basically nothing until today. We still keep each other in contact especially thru emails and also FB. (ya, beliau sangat aktif ber FB tau. tp untuk benda2 penting saja lah. bukan ber FB mcm yg saya buat tu.hehe). And this morning, I received this message from him.

Hi Amirah;

Nampaknya seronok... selalu berjalan..... hati-hati... fokus utama ... belajar... selesaikan PhD... buat paper dalam journal ternama... berimpak tinggi.... (sorry tua...) Remember what I told you about what is your important things to do or your Priority task?
Bye...Take Care...Keep in touch...

Thanks heaps for the reminder Dr Ong. Rasa terharu sebab beliau sentiasa sokong saya dari zaman kanak2 sampai la sekarang. Beliau tak penah lupa ingatkan saya tentang kepentingan fokus masa belajar.

Dr Ong Chee Tiong. Copy gambar dari FB.hehehe..=))

p/s: This is the risk of doing PhD that you have to undergo. Nobody is there to ask you to do this or that. You have to stand on your own. And I'm glad that I actually have Dr Ong watching me from far and keep reminding me sometimes in while.. Lucky Amirah!!=))

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