Thursday, October 29, 2009

Numerical results

Hye Mr Diary,

I have no idea on what I'm doing rite now.. There are lots of things on my mind..It's just that I don't know where to start..Well,I just got the solution for my numerical problem that I've been working on since 3 weeks ago I guess..But, I'm not sure whether it is correct or not.The graph looks obviously odd..sighs...

My result (urghhh,peliknye...)

I'm sure you don't understand what the ____ is going on above..I know..I know..forgive me..This is a matter of sharing..I need somebody to talk to my dear..Okay, let me explain..I'm working on a problem called numerical solution for Korteweg de Vries equation..My supervisor asked me to solve the problem using fourth order Runge-Kutta method. I'm using Maple programming in obtaining the solution..Don't ask me about the code please unless if you are ready to get drawn into those weird codes..So,here we go!!my solution is like the above graph..I'm not going to know whether this is correct or not until I show this to my supervisor in our meeting at 11am tomorrow...I hope his comment won't dissappoint me..finger cross!!=)

Monday, October 26, 2009


Dear Diary,

Last weekend was a laidback week for me.I did nothing!!!I mean nothing related to my research..On friday night one friend came for sleepover and a few guys next door also joined us (diorang x tdo at my house ye..lepak2 je). We played card and chatted until 5 in the morning..woww!!it is considered very late for me. As a result, I woke up at 11 in the next morning..teeheee..:p Bangun je terus terbau nasik lemak..My housemate (Kak Ean) prepared a super delicious nasik lemak+ scrumptious sambal tumis ikan bilis, the best dat I ever had in Aussie..fuhhh!!finger licking good I tell you..=) The meal looks very much alike the picture below..meleleh air liur tgk..huhu..I miss Malaysian food!!!

(Picture courtesy from )

After having the yummilicious meal, we spent another couple of hours chatting about life around us..then only I knew that my friend just break-off her engagement after 8 years being in relationship with her ex-fiancee..I was soo shocked to hear that but I saw her looking at the separation in a positive way..But I know, deep in her heart must be bleeding sooo badly that no medication can cure it now. But someday I hope she'll meet someone who's really fated for her.aminnn..

Actually, I do feel worry with long distance relationship sometimes..haishhh..Hey, I promised myself not to think negatively on this matter..So, leave it to Allah the Almighty. HE knows it all..If I and my BF are fated to be together, Alhamdulillah...the rest is beyond our control..think positive..think positive..=)

Friday, October 23, 2009

Things to keep myself busy

Good Afternoon Diary..=)

Sorry for not updating anything yesterday..I was quite busy and nothing much to share I guess..Well,fyi I've been selected as a new MAS UOW committee for session 2009/2010. MAS UOW stands for Malaysian Association for Student in University of Wollongong and almost all Malaysian student in this uni are officially registered as members of this club no matter they're under sponsorship program or self sponsored. I was asked to take care of the welfare of the club and I hope by joining this committee will make me become more responsible especially in managing my time. However, I hope by holding a small responsibility like this won't require much from me except when there are occasions..Ok la tu,xde la I boring sgt xde xtvt kat sini..

Owh, I emailed my supervisor just now (he's not available this week and I can just contact him thru email) asking for suggestion in graph plotting in my Maple programming. I hope he will responds by today so that I have something to make myself busy on this coming weekend. Before this I don't really work on Saturdays n Sundays. But now I do feel comfortable working on weekends since I don't have much to do at home.Hey,let me tell u a secret, in reality I only do works for a couple of hours in my office. The rest apa lagi,main internet kan.ehehe.. :p

Wednesday, October 21, 2009



Good morning diary..I mentioned that I wanted to start writing yesterday rite..Honestly,i didn't.sighs..but I did some reading on modulation theory and i managed to cover 2 articles. It is better than nothing rite (ayat menyedapkan hati)..hehe..But today I will continue reading the remaining 4 articles and summarize each of them before I can start writing on this topic..=)

Another thing is, I didn't join the aerobic dance class that I told you I would yesterday. It was not because I don't want to..I swear!!I was really excited to go only until I realize that I forgot to wear my sport shoes to the office yesterday..double sighs...How can you join a sport activity without a proper attire rite.I brought pink baby-tee, black tight (which is suitable for aerobic dance), hair-band, minus sport shoes..haish..what a life. When we really want to do something, there'll always be another thing that'll be the obstacle..nvm, I'll still have class on Thursday..
My shoes that I forgot to wear with slightly different colour
(photo courtesy from

Owh, back to the title for my entry today. LADY..It is a polite way of saying "woman". The word is usually reffered to a title that is used before the name of a woman who has a high position. Eg: Lady Diana. Well, last night I watched a reality TV program; Ladette to Lady (Aussie). For ur information a ladette is loud, foul-mouthed and uncultured young women, who like to drink and smoke and who are often sexually promiscious.

Example of a well groomed lady. Late Lady Diana Spencer

(Picture courtesy from

In this program, a few ladettes (8 of them in last night's show) are given 5-week course on how to behave like a traditional lady. I do not want to discuss more about the classes since it will take forever to describe on how did they behave at the beginning. I will only focus on one particular thing. Okay, a laddete had been scolded because she was caught hugging a man and kissing him like they owned this world while they're at the middle of a cocktail party. The principal said, "A lady will NEVER, EVER put her arm around a man and kiss him like mad. It is simply disgusting". What I want to highlight here that, it is not only in Islam that we are prohibited to do that, but also in other cultural behaviours too. WHY?? I just want to share this and I will leave the rest for you to think..=)

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Modulation Theory

Hello Bestfriend!!

This morning I came to my office with a target on what to work with for at least a couple of hours for today that is to make some reading on modulation theory. I have to gather as much information as I can (which is already inside my bright red file), digest them, come out with a proper outlines, and summing them up so that it is easy for me to refer later and at least my supervisor can easily read and understand them when it is time to show him my pile of work..

I spent 15mins to search for related articles in my file on this topic and I found six most related ones. I hope by this evening I achieve my target to read all of them or at least half of the loads.finger cross.!!hehe..

Owh btw , I forgot to let you know that I have plan to join aerobic dance class today. Hey,I can hear you laughing!!i know..i's funny isn't it?? I abandoned my responsibility on taking care of my stamina since I came to Australia 3 months ago. Aerobic dance is not a new thing for me okay. I used to join the activity for quite so long before this. Three times a week at least!! But I kept my body at rest for 3months and now only I have the chance to start burning the fat again. That's why I decided to join the class. The class will be held at URAC and it is called Body Burn.

"BodyBURN is a medium intensity aerobic component, using basic moves on a STEP REEBOK platform, with a focus on sculpting & toning the lower half of the body, while working in a fat burning zone."

Picture courtesy from

Monday, October 19, 2009


Good afternoon Mr Diary,

I just reached my office at 11.30am and for your information I walked to the uni today..Yes,walking under the bright sun!!hehe..but of course I used my favourite purple umbrella to protect me from skin pigmentation. It was not really far tho..the distance between my new house and the uni is roughly about 2km and it takes only 15mins of walking. Not very bad rite..It's just that when you have to walk in the middle of extra bright sunlight when everybody is trying to catch the bus seems quite out of usual..

Actually, I waited for the bus at 10.50am this morning hoping to catch the 10 after 11 ride. Exactly at 11.10am, I saw my favourite green Gong bus coming and get ready standing by the roadside waiting for the bus to turn to the bus stop where I was waiting. Unfortunately, the driver didn't stop at the station where I was waiting and leave me behind. sighs...But I can't blame the driver because it is very obvious that the bus was full and it is wrong for him to squeeze extra passengers inside the bus. Then, I decided to walk instead of waiting for another 20mins for the next bus to come. This is the reason why I turned out to be late today..=)

Route map for my favourite free shuttle Gong Bus
(photo courtesy from

I really want to start writing today but I don't know where to start.. (writing here means my research stuffs not the one that I am doing rite now)..hehe.. I know that I have lots of things to write but I haven't even start yet. Let me make a list here so that next time I can just check on this page..

  1. Modulation theory (Modulation equations for KdV equation to be exact)
  2. Dispersive relation
  3. Numerical solution of KdV equation (4th order Runge Kutta and Central Difference Method)
  4. Initial Boundary value Problem for KdV Equation (Modified,extended,etc...)
Actually I have more things to be included in the list but these are the most important ones. I hope that I will have the courage to cover all and at least come out with something that I can be proud of by next week.. Amiinn..

"The only way to be better in writing is by writing itself "

Sunday, October 18, 2009


Assalamualaikum and hello to myself..=)

It has been a while since I last updated my Mr Diary..can I call this a diary?yes of course!!I mentioned that this will be a medium for me to talk to myself about anything as well as everything!!Well,let me update you Mr Diary about what is going on around. I think there are bunch of things that you need to catch up since I abandoned you for quite so long. My apologize Mr Diary..=)

In case if you didn't notice, I am no longer in my lovely hometown back in Malaysia.. I am abroad now at a new (quite isolated) place called Wollongong. Guess where it is?? Thailand? Indonesia? owh,no you're totally wrong..It is located at the south of Sydney or you can say that it is at the South Coast of New South Wales, Australia. Wollongong is in Aussie okayy!! Yes, Australia..not in Thailand , Indonesia or anywhere else.. One day I will update some photos of me and this new place okay.Now you got it?? good boy my diary..=)

Wollongong beach
(photo courtesy from

Famous Wollongong Lighthouse
(photo courtesy from

What am I doing here??Of course I didn't turn out to have fun here.. I am studying in University of Wollongong now..yeah,back to the student life again..Approximately, I've been here for three months and life is getting better day by day. I hope this will continue until I complete my studies after 3 years. InsyaAllah.. Please don't ask about how do I feel being apart from my loved ones in Malaysia since the answer will be my teary eyes. Then you know what's the feeling.

My university

Life as a student (full time PhD student to be exact) is not easy. People might think that it is simple since you don't need to focus on other things except for your studies. But actually it is NOT. What makes life becomes harder is when you have to be really independent and manage your little given time wisely. This involves your own attitude. Nobody will force you to do this or that, but you have to ask yourself to do it for you. Yeah maybe other people would say that it is good coz you don't have to deal with deadlines or scary boss. But for me it is definitely not like what people can imagine. Put yourself in this situation then you will know. But to comfort myself, I will say that nothing in this world is easy. No matter you're a PhD student, lecturer, engineer, medical Dr, lawyer or anybody else. The thing is how you manage your own time. Pray that I will end this nightmare as soon as possible so that I can go back and serve my country as a lecturer in Universiti Sains Malaysia. Amiinnn...=)