Friday, October 23, 2009

Things to keep myself busy

Good Afternoon Diary..=)

Sorry for not updating anything yesterday..I was quite busy and nothing much to share I guess..Well,fyi I've been selected as a new MAS UOW committee for session 2009/2010. MAS UOW stands for Malaysian Association for Student in University of Wollongong and almost all Malaysian student in this uni are officially registered as members of this club no matter they're under sponsorship program or self sponsored. I was asked to take care of the welfare of the club and I hope by joining this committee will make me become more responsible especially in managing my time. However, I hope by holding a small responsibility like this won't require much from me except when there are occasions..Ok la tu,xde la I boring sgt xde xtvt kat sini..

Owh, I emailed my supervisor just now (he's not available this week and I can just contact him thru email) asking for suggestion in graph plotting in my Maple programming. I hope he will responds by today so that I have something to make myself busy on this coming weekend. Before this I don't really work on Saturdays n Sundays. But now I do feel comfortable working on weekends since I don't have much to do at home.Hey,let me tell u a secret, in reality I only do works for a couple of hours in my office. The rest apa lagi,main internet kan.ehehe.. :p

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