Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Modulation Theory

Hello Bestfriend!!

This morning I came to my office with a target on what to work with for at least a couple of hours for today that is to make some reading on modulation theory. I have to gather as much information as I can (which is already inside my bright red file), digest them, come out with a proper outlines, and summing them up so that it is easy for me to refer later and at least my supervisor can easily read and understand them when it is time to show him my pile of work..

I spent 15mins to search for related articles in my file on this topic and I found six most related ones. I hope by this evening I achieve my target to read all of them or at least half of the loads.finger cross.!!hehe..

Owh btw , I forgot to let you know that I have plan to join aerobic dance class today. Hey,I can hear you laughing!!i know..i know..it's funny isn't it?? I abandoned my responsibility on taking care of my stamina since I came to Australia 3 months ago. Aerobic dance is not a new thing for me okay. I used to join the activity for quite so long before this. Three times a week at least!! But I kept my body at rest for 3months and now only I have the chance to start burning the fat again. That's why I decided to join the class. The class will be held at URAC and it is called Body Burn.

"BodyBURN is a medium intensity aerobic component, using basic moves on a STEP REEBOK platform, with a focus on sculpting & toning the lower half of the body, while working in a fat burning zone."

Picture courtesy from http://www.deportes.ozu.es/indice/Aerobic

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