Sunday, October 18, 2009


Assalamualaikum and hello to myself..=)

It has been a while since I last updated my Mr Diary..can I call this a diary?yes of course!!I mentioned that this will be a medium for me to talk to myself about anything as well as everything!!Well,let me update you Mr Diary about what is going on around. I think there are bunch of things that you need to catch up since I abandoned you for quite so long. My apologize Mr Diary..=)

In case if you didn't notice, I am no longer in my lovely hometown back in Malaysia.. I am abroad now at a new (quite isolated) place called Wollongong. Guess where it is?? Thailand? Indonesia? owh,no you're totally wrong..It is located at the south of Sydney or you can say that it is at the South Coast of New South Wales, Australia. Wollongong is in Aussie okayy!! Yes, Australia..not in Thailand , Indonesia or anywhere else.. One day I will update some photos of me and this new place okay.Now you got it?? good boy my diary..=)

Wollongong beach
(photo courtesy from

Famous Wollongong Lighthouse
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What am I doing here??Of course I didn't turn out to have fun here.. I am studying in University of Wollongong now..yeah,back to the student life again..Approximately, I've been here for three months and life is getting better day by day. I hope this will continue until I complete my studies after 3 years. InsyaAllah.. Please don't ask about how do I feel being apart from my loved ones in Malaysia since the answer will be my teary eyes. Then you know what's the feeling.

My university

Life as a student (full time PhD student to be exact) is not easy. People might think that it is simple since you don't need to focus on other things except for your studies. But actually it is NOT. What makes life becomes harder is when you have to be really independent and manage your little given time wisely. This involves your own attitude. Nobody will force you to do this or that, but you have to ask yourself to do it for you. Yeah maybe other people would say that it is good coz you don't have to deal with deadlines or scary boss. But for me it is definitely not like what people can imagine. Put yourself in this situation then you will know. But to comfort myself, I will say that nothing in this world is easy. No matter you're a PhD student, lecturer, engineer, medical Dr, lawyer or anybody else. The thing is how you manage your own time. Pray that I will end this nightmare as soon as possible so that I can go back and serve my country as a lecturer in Universiti Sains Malaysia. Amiinnn...=)

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