Monday, October 26, 2009


Dear Diary,

Last weekend was a laidback week for me.I did nothing!!!I mean nothing related to my research..On friday night one friend came for sleepover and a few guys next door also joined us (diorang x tdo at my house ye..lepak2 je). We played card and chatted until 5 in the morning..woww!!it is considered very late for me. As a result, I woke up at 11 in the next morning..teeheee..:p Bangun je terus terbau nasik lemak..My housemate (Kak Ean) prepared a super delicious nasik lemak+ scrumptious sambal tumis ikan bilis, the best dat I ever had in Aussie..fuhhh!!finger licking good I tell you..=) The meal looks very much alike the picture below..meleleh air liur tgk..huhu..I miss Malaysian food!!!

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After having the yummilicious meal, we spent another couple of hours chatting about life around us..then only I knew that my friend just break-off her engagement after 8 years being in relationship with her ex-fiancee..I was soo shocked to hear that but I saw her looking at the separation in a positive way..But I know, deep in her heart must be bleeding sooo badly that no medication can cure it now. But someday I hope she'll meet someone who's really fated for her.aminnn..

Actually, I do feel worry with long distance relationship sometimes..haishhh..Hey, I promised myself not to think negatively on this matter..So, leave it to Allah the Almighty. HE knows it all..If I and my BF are fated to be together, Alhamdulillah...the rest is beyond our control..think positive..think positive..=)

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