Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Good News VS Bad News

Yuuhuuuu!! Anybody home??

Okay, I'm still here. Dropping by to say a few words before I would temporarily be gone for 5 days. I don't know how much you're going to miss me. This much?? Or theeeeeessseeeee much?? Or not at all?? Dushh!! Amik ni. Pukul sekali kat bontot. Biase tu ye.. Tak reti2 nak rindu saye ye. Hehe. Okay, mengarut!

Now back to the point. How much do you enjoy listening to good news? For me, good news has the ability to lighten our worries or sometimes makes us feel free from a heavy burden. True isn't it? Ha, you must have come to a situation when somebody said, "Listen, I have 2 things to tell ya. One is good while another is not so good. Which one do you wanna listen first?". If you are at this point, which one would you choose? Ha?? susah tak nak jawab soalan ni? Macam soalan AddMaths SPM pulak.hehehe. If I was there, I will say, "Tell me the good news and please forget the other one, I don't give it a damn!!".

Posto! Posto! Sekarang banyak dapat good news orang nak kawen je.hehe..

Erkk?? Bole ke jawab camtu je?? Of course not. Buat la. Pastu dapat capati free. Capati tu ape? Ayooo.. Sapa yg penah rasa je tau capati tu apa. Capati tu adalah pelempang hebat yg hinggap kat pipi menggunakan kedua-dua belah tangan yang kuasanya hanya dimiliki oleh cikgu saya yg bernama Teacher Letchumi. Ha, nak tau hebat tak hebat? Cuba la tak buat homework English masa form 1. Esok pagi datang sekolah mesti dapat pekena capati. Macam mana saya tau? Sebab saya dah penah rasa capati tu la. Akibat malas (atau bahasa sopannya terlupa) buat homework English. Hahaha. Bikin malu saja kamu ni ye Amirah. Pengalaman. Dah kena sekali, lepas tu taubat taknak makan capati Teacher Letchumi lagi dah. Sumpah tak sedap!! Okay, melalut lagi nampaknya.

Kalau capati ni, belanja hari2 pun saya rela. Pelita ohh pelita.

Get back to my question just now. I will normally request for the good news first. Why? because I don't want to spoil the pleasant happy mood the moment I listen to something that is worth to smile or laugh for. I loveeeee listening to good news. Really!! No matter what they are. Tell me. You wanna get married? You got pomoted? You bought new dresses? You're coming over? You're gonna get a new baby? Just tell me EVERYTHING. I will listen. And share the happiness with you. Lepas dah puas2 gelak, then only I will reluctantly ask for the not-so-good news. This time I will listen too. If it is worth crying, let's do it together. If we need to go somewhere peace and calm, let's go to the beach. Ocean breeze would definitely assuage the intense in your head. Believe me.

So, these are the answers from me. No matter how good or bad things are, face them with strength. And keep on praying hard, seeking help from the Almighty would be the best option after all. Cause He knows them all.

p/s: I have two things to tell you. One is good and another one is not so good. You have to listen to both. Good news; I'm going for a holiday. Bad news; Balik holiday nanti saya akan jadi robot. (tapi robot yang pandai makan la). Too much things to do. Okay, that's all for now. Till the next hello from me. Bye2!! Assalamualaikum.

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MHazrat said...

i like that!!! capati 1.. hihi