Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Mini honeymoon in Cameron Highlands


Hai semua! Saje update sikit hari ni because I'm gonna be absent again for at least one week. Well, me and my husband are going for a short getaway for a couple of days. And then we will attend a wedding at Putrajaya (my husband's cousin is getting married) before going back to Melaka for General Election this coming weekend.

Without us realizing, it has been a month after our big day, and life has been very very hectic since then. Serious, rasa macam takde sehari pun lagi yang kitorang duduk rumah, do nothing but just enjoy our quality time together. Weekdays kerja, weekend pulak memanjang ada aktiviti. Routine yang sama berulang-ulang for the past few weeks.

So, we decided to take a short break from this never ending hectic life, heading to a place where we can spend our quality time together. Just us. Enjoying the scenic beauty and cooler climate. Dengan cuaca yang panas melampau sekarang ni, nampak sangat dua-dua orang dah rindu the four season countries that we have been living for quite some time. I really really miss Australian weather, no doubt, and I bet my husband misses European weather more.

In order to get something similar, so let's go to Cameron Highland!! I know the weather is not as pleasant as it used to be these days, but at least it is a lot cooler than any other states in Peninsular Malaysia right? Jadiklah tu daripada takde langsung. haha. Plus it has been sooo long since I last went to that place, so I am all excited. Ohh well, to tell you the truth, asalkan namanya holiday, walaupun tidoq satu malam dekat Seri Malaysia Kepala Batas kat depan ni pun I tetap akan excited. kahkahkah. :p

We decided to stay at the highest peak in Cameron Highland.
Dengan harapan paling sejuk dekat situ. hehehe. :p
[photo courtesy]

Ok lah, I think I better get going now. Nak pergi Sunway Carnival Mall jap to get myself  a pair of descent sandals or wedges for the wedding. Selama ni semua haku belasah pakai selipar gabak Fitflop tu. Huduh sangat rupanya bila pakai dengan baju kurung. T___T Bila Encik Suami bagi green light suruh beli satu kasut baru, daku pun senyum sampai ke telinga lah. hahaha. Dasar naluri perempuan. :p


aimy said...

Rindu Oz gak!!! Rindu Gong to be specific!! :(

amirah said...


huhu. I miss gong too. But gong will never be that fun without having you guys around. best kan dulu duluu!! :)