Friday, July 2, 2010

Gold Coast Part 3: Sea World

Our 3rd day in Gold Coast is much more relaxing compared to the previous day. I and Laili decided to enter Sea World, which is the almost complete definition of life under the sea. We arrived exactly at 12 noon and we straight away went looking for the marine attractions like rays (ikan pari), polar bear, sharks penguins and lots more.

Marine Attractions

We didn't miss the first show of the day, PIRATE UNLEASHED! The show featuring impressive acts of physical endurance, acrobatics and fun filled live action adventures of two rival Pirate Crews. Yang paling best masa aksi acrobatik dekat kapal siap dengan meriam meletup semua. Rasa mcm nak join pirate crew tu loncat tinggi2 masuk dalam laut.hehehe..

Pirate Unleashed Show

After the pirate show, we went to the Fish Detectives Sea Lion Show. We laughed along with the crowds watching the short-drama as the clever sea lions solve an environmental crime. All the sealions were just sooooo cute. Siap boleh tepuk tangan, lambai2 dekat crowd, kiss pipi orang, main kejar2 and mcm2 lagi aksi bijak. Rasa mcm nak picit2 je diorang tu tau.huhu.

Sea Lion Show

Then, we watched the best show of all, Imagine, an enchanting interactive Dolphin Show. The show is set to a series of exciting interactions, it is both educational and entertaining. we were delighted by the unique presentation starring the world's most popular marine mammals. They were amazing especially the part on how they interacted with their trainers. Very agile and grace. It made me feel like I want to be part of the trainers riding on the dolphins cruising the sea. It was just so admiring and I love the show very very much.

Dolphin Show

As usual, after completing all the shows, now time for the rides. yeehaaa!! Memandangkan Laili je yg ada dengan I kat situ, kesian dia sebab terpaksa teman naik semua rides tu. Walaupun dia sangat takut, tapi I paksa dia jugak. Sorry la babe, sian ko kene paksa naik semua tu. But they were all so fun kan? kan? hehehe..:p

Me all around Sea World

First, we rode on the Bermuda Triangle where all the guests willing to take a trip into the unknown amazing adventure ride which combines special effects and state of art technology, animatronics, lighting and fibre optic technology. Then, we went on the Jet Rescue Coaster. This one is the best!! We climbed aboard on our Jetski and zoomed around the amazing track, flying and twisting at an exhilarating 70km/hr. Then the Jetski entered the dark and dangerous blowhole cave and blast through it. Naik menda alah ni buat I putus nafas sebab tersangat lah laju. Mana nak tarik nafas lagi, jerit lagi, semua nak kena buat serentak. Tapi best!!! Kalau datang Sea World jangan lupa naik ni tau!!=))

The rides

That's all for that day. We went back spending another 2 hours inside the jacuzzi. Lepas puas berendam, balik bilik masak maggi. Makan ramai2 maggi panas tu. Memang terbaik lahh!! Kalau suruh makan maggi sorang2 memang tak layan la kan, tapi bila perut lapar, makan ramai2 rebut2, rasa sedap pulak maggi tu.hehehe. Then we went out to the city once again. Nothing much to do though. So, balik main declare sampai pagi, then pegi tengok sunrise.

Part tengok matahari naik ni yg paling best. Looking at how the sun appears above the horizon in the east, the feeling was just so fantastic. This is the point at which the sky begins to lighten, some time before the the sun itself appears, ending twilight.Lepas dah balik, apa lagi, semua org pun pengsan tak sedar diri sampai tengahari. Fuhhh!! What a very tiring day we had.

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