Monday, July 19, 2010

Wonderful Day


First of all, nak jerit jap


Okay, now let me explain. You know what dear, my Maple code on numerical solution of Camassa-Holm equation has finally works. Alhamdulillah rasa macam terlepas dari hukuman gantung tau tak. It took me months of trials. And today on July 19th, all my hard works are paid off.

I mentioned about my meeting with Tim last Friday rite. Okay, he found two inconsistent parameters inside my program. Then he asked me to increase the small values of dx and dt to a larger scale instead. What??? Tukar lagi??? Masa tu dalam hati ni pasrah je la. Dengan hati yg sedih I balik ofis, nak buat apa yg Tim suruh. Masa tu pun dah petang and I ada BAT session dekat gym pukul 4.30pm. Then, I changed the parameter, put stick-on note "SIMULATION IN PROGRESS, DO NOT TURN OFF" at my pc, I went back, leaving the simulation running for 5000 loopings. (Tamak gila kan. Tapi takde la letak harapan tinggi sangat masa ni).

On Saturday, my curiousity urged my to come and check what happen to the simulation. So, I came to Uni. Sampai je ofis, urghhh, kecewa!!! Because I found out that my programming crashed. Ok, takpe2, jangan give up. Konon pujuk diri sendiri la tu. I run it once again using smaller loops, 100 instead of 5000. Orang tua kan dah pesan jangan tamak kan. So, I went back home with a little prayers to see my program works tomorrow. Balik umah, masak, makan, and then I tido pukul 8.30pm. Yes dear, 8.30pm!! Too early to be true for me rite. But I really did. Taknak fikir panjang masa tu. I woke up 12hours after that at 8.30am. Gila!! Baby pun tak tido straight lama2 sampai mcm tu tau.hahaha.

On Sunday after lunch, I came to uni again. Ni boleh buat world record ni. Amirah comes to uni on weekends?? Buang tebiat ke apa dia tu. Tak penah2 dia datang uni tau hujung2 minggu. But last weekend, she did it.hehe.. Okay, kali ni I masuk je ofis, nampak result yg menarik perhatian. Dah mula senyum sampai telinga dah. Rilex2, mak selalu pesan jgn seronok2 sangat. Nanti sedih. So, I printed the result, and saved it into my secured file. Then, I decided to increase the number of loopings. Kali ni kalau tak jadi pun tak frust sgt la sebab dah ada result yg agak okay. So, I pun balik rumah. makan, makan n makan lagi. I went to bed at for 4am. Amik kau!! semalam tido awal, malam ni lambat gila pulak.huhu.

I woke up at 9am, prepare my lunch, getting ready to go to uni. I arrived at my workplace at 1.30pm. hahaha. Suka hati je nak dtg uni pukul berapa kan. Kali ni, bila tengok result yg I tinggalkan semalam, I rasa mcm nak loncat dah. Takpe, rileks lagi. I brought the printed result to see Tim. The moment he said, "Hmm, this one looks like it. Well done Amirah!!" Okay, comfirm loncat dalam hati!! Finally I made it, my objective for this semester is now satisfied. Alhamdulillah..=))

Looks familiar? Can you imagine, it took me 3months to obtain this little solution.

p/s: I believe that I should have done better this semester. Too bad that I didn't. It's alrite, keep on working hard okay dear Amirah. You know why you're here. Maybe next semester will be much better than this one. Aminnn..=)


asfahani said...

mira!!bestnyeeeeee dpt result yg nak after all the hardwork!!congrats!btw,aku tgh buat masterji..BLUR gilerrrrrr.wuaaaa takutttt.keep up the good and hard work ;)

amirah said...

Thanks as!!!ni baru sikit.. aku rasa sem depan sure aku bengong lagi.susah rupanya buat research ni.huhu..
ei,ko dah start master ek..good luck!! sure okay punye lah..tamau risau2 tau!!
pst,pst, bila nak dtg jalan2 sini?hehe..:p

Kampar said...

Mira ...
remember me?

sorry that I just read this entry ... and lil bit curious with your error_with_5000_loops :D

is it in your math or computer/memory/datatype problems?

*just curious*

amirah said...

owh,i have no exact idea about this..i don't know why the program didn't work with larger loopings. much to my maths problem i guess. when the calculation goes up to infinity, the simulation crashed. i assume things to be like this.huhu..