Thursday, July 15, 2010

Kindy Grad Student


Finally, I went to see Tim today!! After errr, 3 weeks of not seeing each other I guess. He went to China for his formal work matters. As a Dean Of Research for this university, I really need to accept the fact that he is really busy. This is the risk of having only one supervisor. If he is not around, you'll feel lost. ececeh!! Macam la kalau dia ada I tak rasa lost.hehe..

Well, for the past few weeks, I keep modifying/improving my Maple code on and on. And the result is still not really promising. Too bad rite. Perlukah saya give-up?? Ohh no no!! Don't you dare to give it up till your last breath. Ha, padan muka kena marah!! Tadi masa pegi jumpa Tim, he promised to take 1-hour of his time to look at the code in depth. And tomorrow at 12noon we will see on how it goes. Yeayy!! Jumpa beliau lagi esok. Suka, sukaaa, sukaaaaaa.. T__T

Now give me some space to babble. I seek help from a friend to run Tim's Fortran code since the last 2 weeks. Maklumla, I memang buta terus pasal Fortran. After running it, he said that there is no error message or lexical error came out. Meaning that the code is written perfectly. However, when he tried to run the excutable file, it only keeps the CPU busy and it seems like there exists an infinite loop inside the code and of course he didn't have the guts to check on each and every line to find which one is the infinite loop. It is mathematical programming dear. With tonnes of symbols here and there. It is good enough if he didn't collapse by just looking at them.

So, He suggested me to find an algorithm for the code and build it up from the very beginning. Matilaaaaaaaaa I kalau camntu. It will take me forever to come out with a very simple command. Aaaaaaaaa!!!! Okay, cukup. Tamat sesi mengadu. Sorry la ye. I know you hate it when I start talking about my works. But what to do? I have only you. hahaha..:p

I have something to share here. I stumbled upon this in one of my friend's update. Check it out.

They're all soooo true.

How grad school is just like kindergarten??

  1. All day napping is acceptable
    Very true. Asal ngantuk je bole tido. Yippieee!!
  2. There is constant adult supervision
    Yup. For my case, I'll see my supervisor every Friday at 12noon.
  3. You get cookies for lunch
    I get it at all time. lalalala~
  4. Most common activity; cutting and pasting
    Not really applicable for me. But it somehow defines the literature review writing process
  5. There are no grades (you just have to "play" well with others)
    Exactly!!! You don't have to worry about grades. All you need to think about is only deadline of submission. hehe.
  6. Crying for your mommy is normal
    This one works the best for me. Tapi takdela nangis guling2 hentak2 kaki tu. I mentioned that I'll call my mum everyday rite. Ha, this is the reason why.hehe.

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