Friday, May 28, 2010

Balik Kampung Part 1

Hai Encik Buku Nota!!=)

Updates!!Finally I've bought my flight ticket from KL to Aussie for Hari Raya in September. I've made up my mind to fly back here using AirAsia as it gives me the cheapest option. Though it will be a bit tiring, but it doesn't matter. As long as I could go back, that will be more than enough..=))

Here are the itineraries:

SYD-MEL = Saturday, 4th Sept 2010,1830-2000
MEL-KUL = Sunday, 5th Sept 2010, 0045-0700

KUL-MEL = Friday, 17th Sep 2010, 2230-0820 (+1)
MEL-SYD = Saturday, 18th Sept 2010 (Pending Booking)

Thanks again Air Asia for giving me chance to travel back home at the lowest price

This means that I'll have exactly 2 weeks at home. There are so much things to be done within that short period. The main idea is to spend most times with the loved ones of course..=)) So, people out there!! InsyaAllah I'll have 2 weeks at home. Let's meet up if u have extra time okay..

p/s: I haven't even let Tim know bout this yet. I have to make sure that my progress is up to his expectation before I could blow up this bombshell.teeheeee..:p

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