Thursday, May 13, 2010

Visit from PM Dr Izani

Good Morning Mr Diary!!

I'm in such a happy mood today. Now I'm all ready to see my supervisor with A LOT of questions to be asked. Owh, I wanted to update something since last few days.. But I really had not enough time to do so. So, now here we go.

You know what sweetheart, I was so delighted to get a visit from PM Dr Izani, my Dean from USM last Wednesday, 12th May 2010. Eventhough it was just a very short one, I think it is very meaningful for me. At least now he knew who's the person that I'm working with and how does UOW looks like.

He's actually in a series of promoting USM's postdoctoral program for those who are interested from all around New South Wales. And since I'm the only fellow who's here in Wollongong, I played a big role in making sure that he got such a worthwile visit. Alhamdulillah everything went well and hopefully there might be a good collabration between UOW and USM after this.

A memorable visit.
From left: Me, Assoc Prof Dr Izani (Dean from USM), Jacqui Rammage (Head of School UOW), Rachel Weine (International Officer Faculty of Informatics).

p/s: Yesterday I watched the last episode of Adamaya. I never missed to watch it online since the very first episode came out. Comel gile cite tu. Very simple and easily understood. Yang penting semua pelakon dia sempoi. It is almost impossibe for a guy like Adam to ever exist in this world today rite? But we can simply catch cheating wife like Maya these days. It happens everywhere. Hopefully I'm not gonna be like that. Amiinnn. Tapi kan, nak request anak mcm Amani satu bole???? bole la..bole la..hehehe..:p

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