Saturday, May 29, 2010

Another beautiful day

Hello dear!!

Can you see me smiling now? No? Ape la kamu nie.. tak alert langsung. Merajuk nanti baru taw.. :p Well, it's another happy smile that perhaps I can't explain why. Ok, ok, I know my heart has always been at cloud nine lately. But you always know that a smile is just a simple curve that sets everything straight, don't you? So, that's the reason why I always fill in my days with that very simple sincere curve on my lips..=))

As usual, I talked to Mr Bf again today. He's in Melaka now, visiting his parents at home. Alhamdulillah, keep being a wonderful son for them kay sweetheart. Well, we chatted only for a couple of minutes. Kejap je kan? Ok la dari tak sempat cakap langsung. I just got back from my office and he wanted to take a short nap before going out playing badminton this evening. But, what's so interesting with this? Ha!!! tengok gamba kat bawah. Look at how we happened to wear the same shades of blue by chance. Sy suke la awak pakai baju tu sayang!! Sebab same dgn sy.hehehe..:p

Look at us. Sama kan? I like..=)
(Click picture for better view)

Right after talking to him, I went out for groceries shopping at fruit market. Masa baru je I nak ambik troli, ade satu BMW Z4 masuk parking betul2 kat sebelah I. OMG!! My legs suddenly turned into jelly. Dah la kete cun, tengok2 awek cun pulak yg bawak kete tu. Gila la!! It was amazing to see how sophisticated and beautiful when that gorgeous young lady step out from the car with Louis Vuitton handbag clinging from her hand. Pakai sikit punya vogue, tibe2 datang fruit market beli buah. hahahaha. Memang tak bole blah!! Tp kira ok la kan, at least dia tak mengada2 macam setengah orang kaya lain yg tak penah jejak kaki kat pasar pun. Salute you babe!!=))

Gempak tak kalo nampak awek cun bawak kete ni?

At least kalau orang tanya tau tak cmane rupa BMW Z4, I bole cakap I dah penah berdiri kat sebelah kete tu kat pasar.hehehe.. Berangan sampai mati pun blom tentu dapat kete tu okey!! So, these are the two things that made me smile today. Hope there'll be more beautiful days coming tomorrow and forever..=))

p/s: BMW has always been my dream car. Tu yang teruja je bila npk kete ni. Ade sape2 nak kasi free?? Takde?? Kedekut!! Takpe, I still have my loyal Blacky at home. Syukur dgn apa yg ade kay Amirah..=))

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