Thursday, May 20, 2010

Bowling Tournament

Good Afternoon!!

I was actually almost gotten asleep at my workplace just now.. Should I blame the weather or blame myself for getting so lazy today??ehehe.. So, it's better if I update you with something instead of sleeping rite.. Let me tell you about another MAS activity which had successfully been done 2 days ago. BOWLING TOURNAMENT on 18th May 2010!!

Alhamdullillah the tournament went on very well and congratulation to Rauf and other MAS members for handling this event to a huge success. 12 players were divided into 3 groups which made 4 person in one group. This is the time where everybody showed their own professional or even funny skills. After all, I could say that everybody who played that day is good in playing bowling. Except for me of course. I tumpang menyebok je..ehehe..=))

Have fun checking on the pictures below. More pictures available in Kak Emy's FB!!

Group photo: Pemain dan penyokong

Champion: (from left: Farizal, Kak Emy, Syaril, Abg Syam)

Second place: (from left: Thaqeef, Mira, Fairus, Abg Ariff). Yes, it's me!!hehe..=))

Third place: (from left: Jiwan, Abg Kamal, Rahimi, Rauf)

Top bowler: Syaril. Bukan je menang score, gaya pun menang jugak. Salute la bro!!=))

As usual, lepas main mesti lepak..McD FairyMeadow.

p/s: It was a real tiring day. But it was fun doing it. At least I do have something else to do other than put my head to toe into never ending works at the office.

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