Monday, January 4, 2010

Ainul Huda

Dear diary,

After soooo long, finally I have the guts to start scribbling something in here.. Pardon me for my long break sweetie.. I'll try to keep things updated as complete as I can okay.. I'm still in my longgg holiday mood now.. It's Monday, but here I am, still at home..

By the way, I would like to wish my youngest sister, Ainul Huda good luck for her first schooling day today.. She's 7yo this year and starts her young education at a Chinese School (I forgot the name) near my house.. Young Malaysians aged 7 start their first step of formal education in primary school, where they'll be spending 6 years learning the basics of each core subjects, namely language subjects like Bahasa Melayu and English, Mathematics and Science.

I hope she's doing alrite there.. Can't wait to listen to her stories about her first day at school this evening.. Owh, when it comes to telling stories, Huda is the expert!! If you spend one day with her, you got to listen to her unstoppable ramblings from the early morning until soon after midnite.. Hmmm, she made me miss her a lot when I hardly have the chance to talk to her since I last came to Australia.. Well, here are some photos of me and her..

p/s: Dear Huda, You're a big girl now sweetheart.. Everybody loves you and hopes that you'll grow up in a well educated surroundings.. InsyaAllah..

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MHazrat said...

adeh!!! miss that liltle gurl so much.... lama xdgr "leteran" si kecil...hihi....