Thursday, December 24, 2009


Hello switheart!!

You're waiting for more reports from me, aren't u?? yea,yea, i'm trying to keep you updated from time to time remember.. Okay, I watched AVATAR two days ago!! yes, at Greater Union Wollongong.. It was a regret that I didn't watch that brilliant, luminous movie of the year at IMAX Sydney for the 3-D version. But all in all, the only thing that I can say here that the nearly 3-hour film keep my eyes glued to the screen, and I tried not to miss any single part of the plots and scenes.. Not any!! Care to know more about it?? Don't worry sweetie, I'll share this with u okay..


Zoe Saldana as Neytiri and Sam Worthington as Jake Sully in AVATAR

Alrite, where to begin now...ummm, what I love most about AVATAR is all about the visuals in this pieces was a revolutionary!! You do know James Camerons, don't u? The genius film maker in this whole world industry.. He did it with Terminator series and Titanic and again, he made it with AVATAR!! How can a normal person in this whole world could ever imagine on the things that are gonna happen more than 100years from now?? Me myself can't even think on something brilliant like that and all I can say is WOWW!! I'm not gonna tell you EVERYTHING here since it will take me hours to explain on how exciting it was.. Maybe u can find out more from this summary..

Then, I went back home at midnight and before my sleep time, i made a wish that I could wake up beside Jake Sully at the stunningly beautiful dreamland of Pandora as the heroine.. Well, everybody did that rite!! dreaming on the character as the heroine.. But Sam Worthington in AVATAR is sooo attractive!! Love him!!=))

Gorgeous Sam!! =))

p/s: I would like to watch AVATAR again!!! But this time at IMAX Sydney at Darling Harbour for the 3-D version..somebody bring me there plish!!


MHazrat said...

jahat2..... pi xajak....huhu...

amirah said...

alaa..jauh sgt la nak ajak..flight tiket lg mahal dari tiket movie tu.ehehe...pi la tgk tau!!worth paying..=))

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