Sunday, December 13, 2009

La Trobe VS RMIT

Hye dear,

You know that it is not my routine to check my official UOW webmail on weekends rite.. Coz I know nobody will be at the office to send all those "important" mails.. But I felt like to do so just now.. and the moment when I checked my inbox, I was very surprised to see 2 new emails from Tim (my spv).. They had to be something really important otherwise he won't contact me during weekends and that made me really anxious to check on them..Guess what are the contents?? Summer course during summer holiday..uwaaaa!!!

What makes thing become harder is, not only one course will be offered but two!!yes, two courses in January n February.. Becoz of the short notice, I decided to choose only one of them.. Hmmm, there are pros n conts for both of the courses..I'll make a proper list so that you can help me to figure out on which one is the best for me..thank you switheart!!=))

Course 1: AMSI Summer School 2010

Date: 11th January-5th February (1-month)
Place: La Trobe University, Bundoora, Victoria
Pros: There are 2 subjects that I'm interested to take which will broaden my mathematical foundations and extend my knowledge in appropriate areas of my research.
Conts: 1-month???? (don't u think that's too long????)

Course 2: Mathematics and Statistics-in-Industry Study Group;ID=uk2z9vrr2f4b

Date: 7th February- 12th February 2009 (1-week)
Place: Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT), Melbourne
Pros: This workshop brings together leading mathematicians from universities, the public and the private sector from across Australia and around the world to tackle complex technical problems facing Australian businesses and industry.
Conts: I'm going back to Malaysia on 8th Feb!!! If I want to join this course, I need to re-arrange my AirAsia flight from 8th Feb to 12th Feb..This will probably shorten the length of my holiday in Malaysia..:-(

I'm soo confused now.. I'd love to join both of the courses but I know I cant.. What I can do now is, I need to go to the main office first thing in the morning tomorrow and make confirmation regarding the registration fees.. Then only I can decide.. hurmm...


MHazrat said... pndapat sy, baik pegi yg 1month pnya course then u'll gain a lot of knowledge there...beside u wont have to re-arrange back your flight & dpt bercuti2 malaysia tnpa memendek kn cuti nya.....

1month course = xpayah re-arrange flight, xpayah nk pendekakn masa cuti tp sbulan awk akan ngadap course...

1week = awk nk kena re-arrange flight ticket, then masa yg cuti kt malaysia kena pendekan tp course awk hnya week...

bak kata org, no sacrifice no victory... so klo awk sacrifice a month utk attend course but awk akan mdapat pcutian yg best dimalaysia...hihi...

amirah said...

thanks for the concern..yup, i'm gonna attend the one in La Trobe..1-month is not too bad compared to the 5months that i've spent here..=))