Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Blacky Dearest

Dear Diary,

It is 11.10pm now..and there is still no sign for me to sleep yet.. I keep thinking on something for the whole day today.. Perhaps i miss something..hmmm, many things literally..but I keep on thinking about my Blacky over and over again today..

How's his condition? Is the engine works as good as what I left just before I flew here? Is he shines handsomely as he always does? Did somebody send him to the workshop for his regular service on the correct time?? There are soo many things on my mind about him now.. Damn, I know that I miss him soo badly, terribly!!

Owh, I know you don't understand what the heck that I'm talking about now.. Who's Blacky? What does he means to me? Okay dearie, for your information i have him longgg before i have u in my life.. Sorry for not telling u earlier but there he is.. the love of my life.. You have to accept the fact that there's some'thing' else who is close (really2 close) to me apart from you.. But it doesn't mean that i don't love you okay sweetie.. You're the closest now as i feel like I always need to share with you EVERYTHING about me and my life here in the Land Down Under..

Okay, Blacky is my car.. Yes, my very first, my own car.. I had him since 26 Dec 2007 and up until now he has been with me for almost 2 years.. OMG, this means that he's going to celebrate his 2nd birthday soon.. Owh, poor you my dear Blacky.. I'm not going to be there for u on your birthday.. I can't send you to your favourite carwash to clean u up and buy new fragrance for u.. You gotta be alone this year baby..and maybe for another 3 years to come.. I'm soo sorry about this.. Be strong okay coz I'll definitely love u more eventho we're far apart..

Me and my Blacky at Restoran Jejantas Ayer Keroh on our back from JB to Penang

Me and him at Tanjung Balau, Kota Tinggi

p/s: Look at both of the above pictures.. Can't you see how much I differ.. Goshh!! Am I that thin before this or am I this fat rite now?? but who cares.. I love being myself.. and you love the way i am too rite?? I know you did..***Hugssssss***


MHazrat said...

hihi.... its ok...Blacky wont go anywhere coz its still remain in your Heart forever.....

amirah said...

yup2..he did..but i do miss him a lot..=(