Thursday, December 10, 2009

Jingle Bell..Jingle Bell..

Hye sweetheart!!

You're doing good, aren't you? Owh, I'm sooo in the shopping mood today.. with the Christmas Sale everywhere plus Boxing Day is coming soo soon.. I came to the office just now, keep changing my programming codes for one hour (but still, the desired solution is wayyyy from the one that I've got just now) then suddenly I feel like I wanna make some lists on what to buy during Boxing Day on 26th December..yeehaaa!!! kalau suruh buat programming muka x manis memanjang, bila ckp nak buat shopping list laju jek..ish3..but what to do, I believe everybody is like that..same goes to u rite sweetie..:p
Okay, there are lot of things on my mind rite now and of course I need to choose the ones that are the best and of course, suit my budget...that's crucial!!!Help!!Help!!

Here are the items in my shopping list

Boots: Budget AUD100-150

Annah Boots from Nine West Australia


Adasia from Nine West Australia

Perfumes: Budget AUD100-150

I need to choose 2 from 3 items on the list..I wish that I can increase the amount in my budget but I couldn't..otherwise I will just grab all 3 of them..sighs..

Miss Dior Cherie from Dior


Princess from Vera Wang

Jeans: Budget AUD100-150

Guess jeans

515 from Levi's

Owh, I've to start thinking on what to choose from now coz when the day comes I just want to grab and pay so that I don't have to waste my time at one particular item.. Many more things waiting ahead..lalalala~~~

p/s: K
empen berjimat cermat sebelum n selepas Boxing Day telah bermula..nak shopping punya pasai..adehhh..


nanad said...

chanel chance pls!!!

oh i love tat perfume so damn muchhh! bt its too expensive n unaffordable la. kt sane mura ta?

amirah said...

yeah, i love chanel die yg plg mahal dlm my perfume list tu.hehe..kalo beli chanel, dior dgn vera wang x bole da.huhu..=(

ok,check this out..

stakat ni,kedai ni yg plg murah..tu pun blom sale lg la..kalo ade special sale lagi murah..nak agak2 budget dlm RM just multiply the price with 3.1 or 3.2 (currency varies)
if u're interested with anything just let me know okayy!!=))

stakat ni yg slalu kak mirah beli bvlgari dgn burberry..sgt murah!!=)) goshh, when i think of it, i spent a lot on perfumes..uwaaaa!!

Thara said...

hehe welcome to the club! aku pon gila perfumes but ive stopped shopping on them pasal terlampau byk lagi perfume yang tak terpakai lagi sampai lama2 bau perfume tu jadik laen! haha.

oh btw, love em boots! unfortunately skali lagi aku dah tak pakai boots lagi bcoz sgt lah renyah berboot-boots ni kalau sebelah tangan ngendong aydein, sebelah tangan lagi sebok nak bukak boots punye zip. aaaa aydein, cepatla besa! mama nak melaram balik!

amirah said...

hehe..ade ke girl yg x suka perfume??sure dia idup zaman lain tu..hehe..i'm lucky coz ada 2 (or to be exact 3) org adik pompuan yg aku bole inherit perfume2 tu bila aku da,xde la terasa melambak sgt kat atas almari tu :p

Nnt kalo aydein da besar, probability nak ade adik tu besaq gak kan..abis bila hang nak melaram blk nieh..ehehehe..=))