Thursday, December 17, 2009

Friday blues..

Dear diary,

I know u're sick of listening to my unstoppable complaints about my work at the office.. But I don't care.. pretend that u didn't hear anything okay switheart.. U know tomorrow is Friday rite.. Other people would be dying to wait for Friday to come as it is the last working day on THAT particular week.. But of course the theory is not applicable for me.. Because I need to see my spv at 11am on Fridays!!! Owh, I'm so stressed now.. I wanna see him by bringing something that I can be proud of each week.. I'm very afraid if he ever think that my work/research is not progressing much.. Despite being nervous I know that I should relax and focus.. I always feel like I haven't done anything much and keep telling him the same thing all over again.. n he always said "Don't worry too much Amirah..U're doing alrite and u made a good progress each week..It is always hard at the beginning remember"..(in his super thick Aussie accent).. I'll feel better everytime I come out from his room, somehow I'll feel bad AGAIN, every Thurday..sighss... Okay, back to my assignment for this week.. Remember that I showed you one of the results that I've got last month?? Okay, I need to combine the codings with the other solution that I've got when I first arrived 5months ago.. I thought combining both codes will be as easy as ABC but I was totally wrong!! It took me nearly a month to solve them and yet, I don't think that what I've got now will satisfy the one that Tim wants.. we'll see what he's gonna say during or meeting tomorrow..nervous..nervous..huhu..
p/s: I'll show u my pile of works in the next entry.. as I told u before, if u hate them, just keep ur eyes close okay sweetie.. :p

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MHazrat said...

you can do it.... trust it....... even its took quite long time to find the best solutions... hihi....