Monday, December 7, 2009

Another interesting weekend

Hello bestfriend!!

Sorry for deserting you away for about 4days sweetie..I had a real busy+full+exciting weekend til I dun have time to even sneak a quick look on u.. But it doesn't mean that u're thrown out of my life coz now I'm gonna share everything with u on the things that I've done for the last 2 days..This gonna be a longgg one.. Ready to hear everything now??? Good boy dearie..=))

Ok, let me start with Saturday.. Woke up around 8am and as usual, I did all the bibik's chores.. Went out to the fruit market, Aldi, Vina, Dom Phuong, and Warrawong to get some groceries.. Emm, not forgetting 2 new dresses..hehe.. Actually, I and laili decided to cook Bihun Soup and we invited our friends from Gundi to come and eat with us.. The Bihun Soup project turned out soooo well and we managed to cook 3kilos of beef and finished it up within 1 day..phewww!!now I have extra storage inside my freezer.. At night, we invited Rauf and Ilyas for dinner and we spent a few hours playing card while watching Titanic until midnight..That's how my Saturday ends..a very busy one..

Then, on Sunday morning, I woke up at 9am (coz I slept at 3am on Saturday nite) and ate the breakfast that have been prepared by Laili, nasik lemak before both of us decided to go to the beach..the weather was very fine and it was a perfect day to play with the water and lay on the golden sandy beach..just like what the tourist usually did..teeheee..We never knew that this could be a real great fun and made our mind up to do it again next time..weeehooo!!

Sebelum terjun dlm air..hehe..

We spent a few hours at the beach (smpai i rasa kulit dah tukar kaler jd udang bakar), then we went back home feeling tired, exhausted and of course lapar gilaaaa!! I slept right after having my lunch and I woke up two hours after that..fuhhh..penat main air la tu..

The night before Rauf n Ilyas told us that there's going to be Eid celebration with fireworks at the lighthouse on Sunday nite and we decided to go together.. i thought there'll be makan2 free there.. rupa2nya xde..really frustrating..hehehe..luckily the fireworks show was really amazing..okay,okay, dun be mad sweetie..I'll share with u the video taken during the show owkay..

That's how 2 days in my life have been filled with interesting things.. Got to get back on the track after this..focusing on my research so that I can have fun again in the next wekend..=))


Thara said...

cantik la fireworks tu! more videos from the land down under please! :D

ps : u remind me of ur mum - a lot! photostat betol anak mak ni. :P

amirah said...

ok,more pictures n videos will be updated from time to time..=))

yup,everybody said that..sebijik muka mak aku..bangga ooo..hehe..i think i'm gonna say d same thing to aydein once he grows up..u look just like ur mama!!=))