Tuesday, December 15, 2009

4th Graduation???

Hello Bestie!!

Will u believe me if I tell you that UOW has now turned into Hogwarts?? Yes, it really is..with all the graduands in blue robe wandered around the campus looking like they just graduated from Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.ehehe.. I do feel like I wanna be like them somehow.. bile nak graduate nie??? cepat la siap research... huuu... I can't wait any longer for my 4th convocation...which will probably be held in 2013..huhu..=))

Trust me switheart, you'll always love the moment when you walk confidently on the stage and being honoured as a graduand, with your parents witnessing the momentous event with prouds, and this is also the moment when you can say Goodbye to the student life and say Hello to the new chapter of a great zest of life..

Actually, I was invited by my friend,Wana for her Master's convocation yesterday.. This is the reason why suddenly I feel really excited to celebrate my 4th convocation.. my first convocation is when I graduated from high school, MRSM Beseri in 2002 (1st Nov 2002). Then, I was honoured as a degree holder from UTM Skudai in 18th Oct 2007 which make it as my 2nd convocation. The 3rd one is when I received my Master's Degree in March 2009, also from UTM Skudai.. and now, I'm waiting for the final session..the one that will make me become a Doctor of Phylosophy (PhD) holder.. InsyaAllah.. do pray for me okay sweetie..=)

Here are some photos of me and Wana during her convocation day, 14th Dec 2009..


Enjoying the refreshment right after the ceremony..owh, I'm soo in love with the Gloria Jeans Ice Cream..I want more plishh...

Look at Wana..don't u think like she just graduated from Hogwarts?? But I really love the blue robe!!=))

Professor Rob Whelan, President of UOW Dubai Campus
To Wana:
Congratulation!!! Bright future is waiting for you ahead.. Lepas ni bole fikir2 utk sambung PhD pulak ye!!=))

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