Sunday, January 24, 2010

Visit to Mount Macedon and Hanging Rock

Dear Diary,

I was resting a little while before I decided to scribble something in here.. I had a tiring-but-exciting day trip to Mount Macedon and Hanging Rock today. Mt Macedon is a small town located 64 kilometers northwest of Melbourne. Due to its relatively high elevation, the area experiences much cooler temperatures compared to nearby Melbourne. It was freezing cold up there even-though the sun shines very brightly today. Among the major attractions that can be found here are Memorial Cross which stands near the summit of the mountain, extensive native forests, Camels Hump and private gardens.

Somewhere around the Memorial Cross

We made it!! On top of one of the camels hump

I'm so in love with the inspiring view from the hill top

After spending some time taking pictures and enjoying the cooling breeze with a cup of coffee in hand, we continue our journey to Hanging Rock. We reached there exactly at 12 noon and started our journey straight away upon arrival. We were given 3 hours to treasure the place and without any doubt, all of us agree that the exploration turned out to be a memorable experience that we will never forget. Have fun looking at the pictures below..=))

View from the peak of Hanging Rock

Taking a break after a long walk

At the beginning of the journey

Although it was a tiring trip, I had fun exploring things and places that I probably couldn't get in Malaysia. These are the experiences that need to be appreciated when I finally complete my study here in the Land Down Under..

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