Sunday, November 15, 2009

Proud of myself..=)


Hye dear...It has been 3 days since my housemate, Kak Ean gone back to Malaysia leaving me all alone in this house..But living by myself in this small-yet-very comfy house is not very bad after all..I was quite nervous during the first night but I made it!!This is something that I can be proud of..The remaining few days should be okay..hehe..ala,sminggu je weekend I'll have Laili to replace Kak Ean..HAPPY!!=))

Owh, I forgot to tell you that I spent my money on a few things last Friday..The story happened to be like this..That day I followed Fairus to send Kak Ean at Sydney Kingsford's international Airport. On our way back to Wollongong, we stopped at a few places that caused my money flew away.teehee..xpe la,bukan slalu..(alasan je ni)..(^_~)

First, we stopped at Corelle Factory Outlet in Oiordan St (ntah betol ke x eja,but something like this la) and I grabbed one 20 pieces Enhancements set which cost me AUD 71.95..the original price is AUD 89.90 but I got it for 30% discount..lepas dah bayar rasa rugi plk x amik 2 set..akhirnya I terjebak jugak dlm dunia Corell ni..hehe..=))

My very first Livingware Set (Enhancements)
(photo courtesy

Then, our next stopped was at Canterbury Factory Outlet store which is just a few hundred meters from Corelle Outlet.. I'm not a big fan of Canterbury or Wallabies or what so ever, but I still bought something for my father and BF..2 polo shirts that cost me about AUD 40..atleast I have something for them that people won't easily get in Malaysia..=))
Original Canterbury polo shirt that you can hardly get outside Oz or NZ
(photo courtesy from

Then, Fairus brought me to Birkenhead Point Shopping Centre at Drummoyne.. This the place where you can shop whilst enjoying the spectacular view of Sydney Harbour and browsing through a huge range of your favourite fashion, food and lifestyle brand..I bought myself a pair of jeans from Levi's,Skinny Slim Fit, Heather Blue..murah beb,only AUD 39.90..kalo kat Malaysia busuk2 pun mesti RM180..So,mmg patut beli pun..=))

My new jeans
(photo courtesy from

Can't you see how a single day could cost me around AUD200 which is equivalent to RM600..Ni pun dah kira terer sebab I manage to control my desires from buying other unnecessary-yet-very interesting things like shoes, dresses, blouses, perfumes, handbags bla..bla..bla.. Owh, I'm soo proud of myself!!teeheee..(^_~)

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