Monday, November 30, 2009

Foods again

Hye dear,

How is it going for you? Miss me?? I know u did..hehe..=)) I didn't update anything for the past 5 days coz I don't have much to share these days.. I told you that I need to cook something for Hari Raya AidilAdha celebration rite..I did popia goreng and that was my very first attempt..It was simply delicious!!!trust me!!!bukan nak mmg sedap..i followed the recipe from the net and they turned out to be gorgeous and scrumptious popia goreng ever!!and of course with a slight of modern touch..ehehe..can't wait to go back to Malaysia and let my mum taste them..=))

There will be another occassion this coming Thursday, 3rd December 2009.. Me and my officemates decided to organize morning tea at our office and of course we have to bring something for the day.. The only thing in my mind rite now is chocolate brownies..simple yet delicious!!gotta go out and buy the ingredients from Woolworths tomorrow!!

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