Monday, November 16, 2009

Programming oh programming..

Dear diary,

I met my supervisor just now...yes,today,Monday,16/11/2009 at 11am..Don't be surprise diary boy..yeah,I know that our official appointment date is on Fridays at 11am..But today was upon request because last Friday kan I pegi shopping kat,kena cover balik la.teehee..:p

I need to show him my code and of course the result as well..uwaaaa!!when it comes to mathematical programming,I wish that I have Prof Dr Shaharuddin Salleh with me now.. He's my Sifu during my Undergraduate Project after all..Without him,I don't think I can reach this level and x mungkin terjebak dalam dunia programming nie..Then I met another Sifu who contributed a lot in my Master's Project, Assoc Prof Dr Ong Chee Tiong.. programming jugakkkk.. Then, I thought dah habisss,rupanya time PhD pun I've to learn from another Sifu in mathematical programming, Prof Dr Timothy Marchant..uwaaaa!!!Seems like I'm fated to live in the world of mathematical programs I guess..keep it up not give up okay..

Owh,back to my work..hmmm,care to look at my prog codes???I know you won't understand even a bit of it,but just have a quick look so that u have something in mind on what my life is all about rite now...The code is written in Maple progamming and this is sort of my latest result..

The coding

Now,let's look at the result

The graphical result (x versus u(x))

And you know what, this result still didn't satisfy my spv..He said that something goes wrong with the graph and I should keep playing around with the codes until I got the perfect one..the range of y in my current graph is too large and it can goes up until infinity whereas the value that I should get is 0..uwaaaa!!I'm sick of this..but I have to keep doing this..Go Amirah go!!!cheer for me okayyy!!=))

p/s: He promised to give me his codes which was written in Fortran (programming zaman Jepun..hehehe)..then I need to compare mine with his..and try to make it looks like his..yippieeee!!!baiknya supervisor sayeee..tu pun after one month I'm struggling with this programming thingy..nvm,better than nothing!!=))

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