Friday, April 10, 2009

~The First Touch~

Hello to all!!
Well,this is the starting point of everything..where Amirah starts writing..I've been following lots n lottsss of other people's blogs before this..n i love reading blogs..this is where i can catch up with their latest updates n even figure out wat is happening around them lately.. But somehow i never have the feeling of creating one.. I mean my own.. the correct word for it might be malassss kot..but on this Friday afternoon suddenly i feel like creating a space for me to write on jus about anything.. this might be like a breathing space for me where i can come out with anything.. freely.. At first, i dun have the plan to xpose it to the others.. this is like me with my own world.. but one day,if u happen to read this, meaning that all of u are welcome to be part of my world..(^_~)

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Anonymous said...

hi amirah =)
hope we can be friend