Sunday, February 20, 2011

A story about a teacher with her brilliant students

When I was browsing through some of my notes just now, I suddenly came up with the thought on this matter. Okay, let me explain with the following situation:-

The fourth-graders were having a lesson in arithmetic, and their teacher, Miss A, greeted her students with a very simple question.

"If a man can walk three miles in one hour, how many miles can he walk in four hours?"

So, one of the brightest student of hers, Student B, quickly raised his hand and gave his answer, "12 miles teacher!!"

When Miss A started to smile realizing how lucky she is having Student B in her class, another pupil, Student C popped up his hand.

"Teacher, he might be quite right, but for me, it would depend on how tired he got after the first hour," he answered.

The other pupils burst into laughters. Then Miss A rapped for order.

"I never looked at the problem that way before. I always supposed that man could walk twelve miles in four hours, but Student C might be right. That man may not feel so spunky after the first hour. He may drag his feet. He may slow up."

Right upon her comment, Student D raised his hand. "I think there might be cases where a man tried to walk twelve miles, and he died of heart failure," Student D said.

"Oh my Goodness!!" said the teacher. "I suppose that could happen too."

"Anything could happen in four hours, teacher," said Student C. "We never knew what will happen to us during the few hours ahead. "

"It would indeed," agreed the teacher. "Well children, I think we have learned a great deal about arithmetic today, thanks everybody for your ideas. But remember, in exam, this question still requires 12 miles as the answer." The class ended with all other pupils roared.

Hmm, when I think deeply about this, mathematically speaking, yes, the answer is 12 miles. But in real life situation, it might not be quite right.

We might want something to come out as what it is SUPPOSE to be, but we never knew what is actually waiting for us in future. There might be something comes up that will slow us down, or for the worst case, something that will stop us from doing that forever. Think~ think~


effa_dila said...

this is nice sis. :) <3

fArhAnA said...

sangat betul.. :)

MHazrat said...

Miss A = Miss Amirah...

amirah said...

Effa n Farhana:

Macam tu la realiti kehidupan kite kan..=))


Student B = Brad Pitt
Student C = Christina Aguilera
Student D = emmm, David Beckham


Diyana Mahad said...

I am smiling alone reading this entry


amirah said...

It somehow very true right den? especially untuk kite yg memang org mathematics ni..=))