Thursday, March 10, 2011

Saying I LOVE YOU..

Now I think I have gotten so obsessed with numbers. Or equations to be exact. I was scribbling something on my draft paper just now, deriving my never-ending Carnahan-Starling formula before this idea came. And look at how it ended up. Nothing close to what I want. Nothing!

Okay, here is one equation. A very easy one.

From here, you can turn it into the miracle words that you would always want to say to someone you love. How?? Check this out.

Easy?? And yet very meaningful.. =))

So ladies and gentlemen, if you are the type of person who won't simply say those words loud, or you want your partner to put some efforts before they can actually know it, maybe you should try giving this out.=))

Please make sure that she/he has the basic algebraic skills before you give it that person. Or you will probably get a punch on your nose. Don't blame me then!

Okay, I'd better get back to my work. Enough merepek-repek. Tata!


MHazrat said...

hahaha... i looikee that!!!
mmg SAH anda GILA math...
nk tekentut urat saraf nih...

amirah said...

Ni namanya orang banyak keja tapi pretend macam takde keja..hahaha..

suzz said...

This is awesome, i like, like, like!

amirah said...

Hihi..thanks kak su..
buat phd benda lain, tapi yang kluanye benda lain pulak..haihh..