Wednesday, May 16, 2012

My three year-old boyfriend :p


I'm back to tell stories about my favourite little boy who just turned three yesterday. Yes, my Adam is a big boy now! We threw him quite a huge celebration for his second birthday last year. But this time around, Kak Fish decided to hold the birthday bash at his school with his darling pre-school buddies as this gonna be his final year in Australia.

Hopefully, somewhere in the future, when he looks at all the photos, he will say, "I'm glad that I have chance to be there". He might not understand it now but I'm pretty sure, he will, as he grows up. Actually I was not there at his party, but I went to see my beloved boy later at night having dinner with the family, whom I consider my own.

So, have fun looking at the following photos taken randomly on his birthday yea! :)

Prince charming

One happy family

His birthday cake at closer look. Tabik spring toink toink toink kat Kak Fish!
Dulu penuh menatang yang comel-comel, sekarang rainbow pulak. 

Ya ampun comotnya ini budak!!
I think he keeps admiring his cake until later in the night. Or the Buzz Lightyear?

Okay, we not only have that perfect rainbow cake, but also this chocolate cuppies topped with cream and chocolate syrup. Sinfully delicious and irresistible!
There goes my diet. wuwuwu!

Anyway, I think it has been a while since I last updated any video about him. So kali ni I nak tunjuk video Adam yang malas nak layan orang yang asyikkkk suruh dia cakap. hahaha. Cakap sambil mulut penuh muffin chocolate. Aunty Miya geram tau tak!! Ohh yes, he calls me Aunty Miya. Isn't that cute? :)

May I still have chance to see him growing up for the next coming years even though we are not going to be here any longer after this year. Aunty Miya loves you Adam! Till then, tata! 


Farah Zainal Abidin said...

Oh I miss Adam, badly! cheeky booyyy!! Happy Birthday, Adam!

amirah said...


sekrang makinnnnn banyak akai dia. tapi tetap geram jugak! hahaha.