Friday, July 20, 2012

Spiritual reflection of myself

Assalamualaikum wbt,

Today marks the start of Ramadhan in Wollongong and also at some other parts of the world where the crescent moon has sighted. And this holy month will continue for 30 days until 18th of August 2012, InsyaAllah. Semua umat Islam di seluruh dunia akan berpuasa di siang hari dan merebut pahala ibadat sunat pada malamnya. This is why we consider Ramadhan as a blessed month.

The moment I stepped out from my house this morning, I was amazed with how beautiful the first day of our fasting month is. The sky is so blue without any shade of white clouds and the sunlight is so bright that it helps to balance the chilly winter breeze. Very very beautiful. So right after I found an empty spot to park the car, then I decided to have a short walk to Botanic Garden which is located right in front of my uni.

Very beautiful day. Don't you think so?

Madoline Street and an entrance to University of Wollongong

I spent some alone time walking and thinking and I am glad how I was reminded about the spiritual reflection of this holy month. Ini mungkin Ramadhan yang terakhir I dekat sini. I really have to spend it wisely. I need to enrich my Ramadhan in many ways and make it different, for the better. Let's everybody join me is this spiritual journey yea! :)



aimy said...

Cantiknyer..... Rindu!!!!!

amirah said...


You must have missed wollongong a lot kan??? come back soon! :)

Sophie Al-Yahya said...

This year might be the final year you spend your Ramadhan in Ausie. Next year I might spend my Ramadhan in UK for the first time. huhu.. Don't know how to expect the feeling.

OwNnA said...

beautiful scenery!wahh..da lama tak drop by!bz ngn research la ni..da miss beberapa update dcni..hihi! selamat berpuasa kak mirah!might be ur last Ramadhan there rite?may Allah bless u always..b strong ya!da tak lama ni..wish u all d best!(^_^)

Salam Ramadhan al-Mubarak dr paklang's family di Malaysia..;)

amirah said...


you'll be fine dear. mula2 memang rasa tak best tapi lama2 u'll get use to that new atmosphere. and i know i'll be missing this place bila dah balik mesia nanti.. this is a good place to call my 2nd home. :)

amirah said...


thanks dear cuzzie! yup insyaAllah ramadhan yg terakhir kat sini. tu yg nak kena speed up with my studies tu. tak sabar nak balik mesia but at the same time enjoying my remaining months here.. anyway, goodluck to both of us! jom sama2 study and grad cepat2 kay! send my regards to everybody in the family! :)