Monday, June 24, 2013

Ice cream hunting


Hai everyone! I've been telling my husband that I want to eat "ice cream sedap" since like a few weeks ago, but I still haven't found anything similar or at least close to what I really wanted until now. Pity me.

Everytime he asked me, "Aiskrim sedap tu maksudnya cemana?", umm, I said "I have no idea, probably chocolate ice cream (read: verryyyy thick and rich chocolatey ice cream) with chocolate sauce on top". I don't want anything fancy with nuts or raisins or whatever mak nenek hiasan semua tu, I just want simple and plain chocolate ice cream. Yang sedap. 

I could define this as sedap I suppose. Chocolate syrup leleh-leleh.
Makan satu mangkuk. Tambah lemak dekat pipi.

Huwaaaaa. Bila tambah yang sedap kat belakang tu yang payah. Bukan ke definition sedap tu sangat lah subjective Amirah oiiii. Punya la melambak ice cream yang kat kedai tu takkan takdak satu pun yang sedap according to your own definition???? Haihhh.

Hmm, now I dok teringat satu stall ice cream dekat Sydney Opera House, nama dia Gelatissimo. Ice cream kat situ serioussssss sedap gila I tak pernah missed beli kalo jumpa stall Gelatissimo tu dekat mana-mana. Omaigod, Sydney? For a cup of ice cream? Seriously? That's freaking far if I need to remind you, Puan Amirah. 

They have this brand in almost all big cities all around Australia.

Super sedap. Ayaq lioq meleleh. huwaaaaa.

So last night, I kept bugging my husband about this whole ice cream sedap thingy, and you know, where on earth could I find that type of ice cream (yang I define sedap sangat tu) malam-malam, dekat Kepala Batas ni kan? hahaha. Crazy. So, I told him, kalau tak dapat ice cream sedap macam I nak tu, yang biasa-biasa pun okay lah. hahaha. So, alright, off we went to the nearest convenience store around our neighborhood and I excitedly dug the ice box just to get these. :D

Makan ni pukul 10 malam. Best! :)

The taste is not too bad. Boleh tahan. But I will keep on searching for something sedap according to my tastebud. I won't stop until I find one. hehe. Or perhaps I should by one hugeee tub of a nice chocolate ice cream with Hershey's Chocolate Syrup and make my own cup (or bowl) of ice cream sedap. 
Hmm, that probably sounds like a genius! *ting!!*


OwNnA said... yg trasa nk mkn eskrem jgk nie. nk cri magnum jgklaa blik kje nie..=D

hurmm..oke jgk idea tu kmirah.leh wat stok kt umah.haha..Hershey's choc syrup mmg kne standby kt umah.sdapp kott! ;)

amirah said...


hehe. Ice cream is one of a girl's bestfriend kan? Kalo tengah depress, bagi je ice cream, confirm rasa hepi! :)

Dugong said...

Makan je kejer, Isk Isk Isk!

amirah said...

hahahaha. all time favourite. Asal makan je mesti aku happy! :P

Anyway, thanks for dropping by! :)