Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Bila dah terkena baru nak berubah. Better than nothing at all.


Salam duaplohsen untuk semua! haha. Dari malam tadi sampai hari ni dok kecoh pasai minyak naik harga ni kan? Whether we like it or not, we still have to deal with it and endure the consequences that may arise later on. Urghhh, I foresee the burden to myself already. Tapi apa nak buat, hadapi je dengan tenang and cuba berjimat dari segi yang lain, shall we?

Okay, done with the 20 cents issue already, hari ni I nak share something yang I rasa sangat-sangat terkena dekat batang hidung sendiri. Technology that surpasses human interaction. Very boring topic huh? Apparently, when I look closely into this matter, it has some hazardous effects that will eventually break the warm connection between humans.

I may not want to discuss about this in details. I guess semua orang pun dah faham sangat tentang issue ni kan? However, when I bumped into this video posted by a friend in facebook wall, (I jarang sangat tengok video yang orang letak dekat fb tu), somehow, something urged me to watch this video. And after watching it, danggg!! It hits me straight to my face! 

Korang nak terasa jugak? 

Please spend 2.11 minutes of your precioussss time to watch this.

Who knows, it may change you and your life for the better.

I think I have to start doing something to repair the connection between me and people I love around me. These are some reasonable things that I might start to do:

  1. Stay away from my so-called smart phone as long as I can!
    I'm not gonna die avoiding it.
  2. Check my email only through my laptop.
    Kalau urgent sangat takpe la. Ni kalau setakat email dari online shops, tak payah nak buat-buat busy dok scroll your so-called smart phone!
  3. Leave my so-called smart phone in my handbag if I have someone with me during outings.Jangan dok kalut nak check whatsapp, instagram, fb, wechat, keek and whatnots. Do that later when you're alone. Real conversation is much more meaningful than the virtual one isn't it?
  4. If it is bed time, set the alarm clock, and that's it!
    Say hello to my so-called smart phone only when the alarm goes on the next morning.
  5. Please please please celebrate memorable events in my MIND!!
    Not only in my so-called smart phone. Jangan sampai nanti nak cerita kat anak cucu pun tak ingat sebab semua data dalam tepon dah hilang. Padan muka!
  6. Because I really love my so-called smart phone, I can be-friend with it only when I'm alone.
    When I don't have someone to talk to, or to kill the time. Main la sampai pengsan. Takpe, tak salah.

The list goes on and on.

Senang cerita, hargai SETIAP masa yang you spend dengan orang yang you sayang. You never know how much longer you are going to live or how long they are going to live in this world? Am I right?

Jangan sampai nanti dah tua cucu tanya, 

"Nenek, atok suka makan apa?"

Kita jawab, 

"Jap, jap, nenek tengok dalam handphone ada tak nenek ambik gambar favourite food atok". 

Hmm, isn't that sounds so sad?

So people, let's do something, while it is not too late!


Rohayu said...

Salam ...saya dah add /follow blog awak...nanti jemput add/follow blog saya yer...Nice story anyway..

amirah said...

Thank you for dropping by. :)