Friday, January 24, 2014

When snow falls

Assalamualaikum semua,

Salam hari Jumaat yang mulia, penghulu segala hari. I woke up to this view earlier this morning.

Light flurries showering outside, can you see it? 

Yes, I have experienced snow for quite a number of times when I was studying in the land down under for the last couple of years. You can read them in Snow 2010 and Snow 2011 for more details. During that time, I have tried skiing, snowboarding, toboggan ride, and I even had fun making my own version of snowman.

But this time around, the experience of watching snow falls is much more interesting because I don't have to go anywhere as I can see them right through my window. And to make it more amazing, I witnessed the snow falls with a husband by my side. I don't know why, but the feeling is so romantic! Unlike heavy snow falls, snow flurries is somewhat surprising, and I can feel that they might be pleasantly playful. :)

Mula-mula bangun pagi dengar bunyi macam hujan, pastu bila pegi kitchen untuk prepare breakfast, I was soo excited to see flurries falling from the sky and all the trees, buildings, grounds and even cars at the parking lot started to whiten and covered with snow. Ohh my goodness, this is my first time experiencing snow from home and I am totally loving it! 

Yang bestnya, baru nak feeling-feeling breakfast ala-ala omputih sambil tengok snow turun dekat luar macam dalam tivi tu, tetiba tengok sebelah, Am tengah makan nasik goreng dengan daging bakaq cicah ayaq asam
There goes my angan-angan jadi omputih!!! hahaha.
Ohh well, kalau dah nama pun Melayu, kat ceruk dunia mana pun tetap akan Melayu jugak. :p

Snow starting to cover the trees

Snow on the cars

I am thinking of going out for some walk under the snow. 
Kalau ada gambar yang menarik I will share here with you guys okay. 
Till then, have a lovely weekend darlings. 
Assalamualaikum. :)

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